The Drunk Call

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I was running down the beach in Hawaii with my faithful greyhound for the evening iron man workout. I run past some pretty looking women but I focus my attention on my goal; I had set a near impossible task of running 30 miles after 60 miles of strenuous biking for the next day, so I knew I had to warm up. One hamstring pull and I was out for the impending event.

Just as turn around a arc corner, I hear a buzz coming from somewhere I can't pinpoint. I struggle to find the source; there's nothing but my dog for at least a mile. "Flash!", I realize, what's he up to?

As I lower my speed and look back onto my 75 cm tall, incredibly athletic greyhound Flash, I notice something strange. His eyes are lit, his jaws vibrating periodically. "Here boy!" I call out, but as he nears, the light from his eyes blinds me as I only get a glimpse of his furiously oscillating jaws open and a tongue come out.

I wake up to see my phone right next to me going absolutely nuts. It shouldn't be the alarm, I think to myself. It couldn't be half past seven already could it? I look at my watch, it's half past three.

Someone's calling?

I reluctantly draw my right hand out and pick the phone.
"Abhas! Abhas! We need the nachos!"

Nachos?  When did I take anyone's nachos?

"say what again?"
"Nachos man, we need the nachos"

I hear a girl and a couple of guys screaming in the background. A bottle drops on the floor and people start laughing. The guys were pretty wasted.

Last time I was being drunk called by someone, it was my ex who had just had a couple of bottle of sojus and was telling me how she was laying down on a wooden seat, imagining that she was on top of my lap and how she was looking at the stars. I politely told her that it was physically impossible to see stars in Korea to which she replied that I "destroyed" the romantic vibe and that I should just learn to shut the f**k up.

From such experience, I just knew I had to play along.

"Oh the nachos, yeah man. It should be somewhere here"
"Albin!" cries out the Pier sounding guy at the other end "Abhas has your madness!"


"Dude I neeeeed mah madness bek mannn," cries out the hilariously sounding Swede.
By this time, I was already half awake. What's he talking about? Did I borrow his Snus Madness? or his usual Zlatan Madness or his usual, normal Madness?

Then it hit me. It wasn't Madness, it was mattress.

You see, for the month of september and good early days in october, my room had turned into a refugee camp. The start of the semester meant that new student's were turning up from all over the place without the school providing them a place to live. Without the language and the proper know how of websites, it's pretty difficult to find a place outside school.

The solution was to basically keep them till they got their residence sorted out. Trust me, it wasn't easy even though I shared rooms all my life with stinking, dirty, unorganized but very talented group of friends.

The issue was that my sofa bed wasn't the easiest of places for guests to sleep on. The day I bought it, I regretted it so bad that I had to pile up another mattress on top of it just to get some sleep. When Albin told me that he had another sofa bed with a proper mattress, I took it with open arms.

Which leads us to him needing the mattress now. The sofa bed was just minding his own business on the floor next to my bed. All I had to do was to carry it six floors below, knock on the door, deal with a bunch of drunk people, make sure everyone is ok, close the door and come back and sleep. I would probably not wake up for swimming practice tomorrow.

I sighed.

"Hellooo! The Mattresss!"
"Yeah I have it here man. It's just sitting there"
"You know you can just bring the mattress four flights (he meant six) down right? since you are already awake"

I think for a while, look at the sofa bed for some more time and decide to become a dick.

"Nah man too much work."
"F**k man," at this point, I hear every person in the background swear as well.

"We have to sleep on the floooor" shouts another one.

"Yeah man," I add. I was hardly prepared to move my body around.
"You know what. you are greaaat! you are greeeat! but F**k you. Say F**k you too man"
"I can't man. Dont want to start the day with swearing"
"Oh for F**K sake. You aree grreee"

I hear the phone go dead.
I sleep. I start running again. 


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