[The] Great Korean Beer Festival 2015, Fall Event

Review on the previous beer festival [HERE]

Back in 2013, when we had just started out on FanatiKorea, the craft beer scene in Seoul was just starting to bud out. The Craftworks (yeah, I know), the Magpies and the Booths were just among the handful of names that would excite us into going to their pub openings and more importantly, to those craft beer festivals so small that homebrewers had to fill in the void left out by..well, microbreweries who didn’t even want to showcase their beers.

Fast forward to 2015, and things have really, really changed. The options and the style have both branched out and dare I say, we are possibly witnessing history in the making here; in craft beer terms that is. Companies like Busan-based Galmegi and Seoul centered Hand & Malt Brewing and Itewon Brewing Company together with some serious brewing from Craftbros and Maloney’s (brewed at H&M facility) have helped diversify what was a pretty stale pilsner, pale ale and stout lineup brewing.

The Great Korean Beer Festival, which starts out today, hopes to showcase just that (the poster only shows a handful of Korean breweries but there should be more). What I like is the frequency at which these festivals are starting to pop out. Usually, we would have to wait for like what? Every six months? Major event every year or so? It’s really exciting that organizers have finally come to terms that beer does make good money and there is a significantly large crowd willing to spend large amount of their graduate school research funding on beers.

Oh..is it just me?

Anyways, the festival, for the very first time, will be a FOUR day event extending from 1pm-10pm (!!) removing any absurdities of closing down the festival at 6pm. I kinda had to resort to a South African restaurant drinking South African lagers last time to maintain my shitfaced face till midnight.

Happy drinking guys!


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