On December Bananas, Time and Nepal Getting Shit Done

From Hyunmin's place, credits Hyunmin
I was making my way to the lab this morning and I came across this korean dude getting all worked up to build a snowman with the December snow. Or so I thought. As I made my way past the "snowman," I couldn't help but notice that it looked like a giant piece of erected banana with quite literally a mushroom head on top. There were already a handful of alarming signs about the way the snowman was being portrayed but what was more worrying was the way two of his girl-friends were looking at it with such admiration. 

Make of it what you will. 

It is, however, not the banana snowman that's the topic discussion here. Well..now that I think about it, I would write a blog post on the incorrect aesthetics being presented, but hey, let's not drag the joke for too long. What's really amazing is that it's snowing already, which means it's december.


Is it just me or do you also have those days where you wake up in the morning on January 10th, sip a coffee and the next thing you know is December the 3rd staring at you from out of the window? Can anyone possibly put a brake on this please?

Of course, some major, major incidents have happened this year which will probably be in discussion even when my legs rot and I am transfixed to robo-intelligence in 2070. I don't think any of the Nepalese population, home and abroad, interested or disinterested, will forget the earthquake on April the 23rd. If I, staying quite comfortably in Seoul, have goosebumps about the incident, think about what all the people who were there at that time, inside, minding their own business, going about their own chores who had had to experience the sudden jolt underneath that shook their senses to the core from ground up are feeling right now. 

What was, however. quite heartening to see was how Nepalese and the international community responded. Even people who I had unapologetically tagged as assholes did reveal that they had a little heart inside and even though those characters will remain to be the same, I can't thank everyone enough for taking the time to help out a country that nobody actually gives a shit about. Can't thank enough.

And in other news, Nepal also managed to finally publish a constitution.

Just take a moment to realize the significance of this. We actually got work done. How often can you say that?

Yeah India is not a proud self proclaimed brahh (Reminds me of my time in residential school when my seniors claimed to be my bigger bro but ended up taking away all those "food" my mom had so lovingly packed for me. I was really sad then), yes we have a major fuel crisis now but what's really startling for me is that we crossed the line and finished the constitution which was delayed by how many times like 4?8? infinity? I can't say that for sure because I was just instigating my A-levels when they started drafting it.

Let's put this into perspective and say you are a professor and you are supervising this student who can't get his shit together and finish his thesis off. You give him time, he says he was out drinking soju so you understand and give him more time. His soju habits get's really bad and he keeps missing the deadlines like Carzola can't take a simple penalty (seriously man, what up?). You get frustrated, you warn him several times over but then after years and years, he finally turns up with a genuinely ok-looking thesis, would you not be overjoyed and make his soju habits worse?

Yes, makes sense ya?

You did it, Nepal, you did it! and about that fuel crisis thing...


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