Stay Zipper Classy, Arsene.

Class Apart
There's a cost you pay for success. For Mourinho, it was being a humongous dick.

I frankly don't watch Chelsea. It's not that they are not a good team. They are fun to watch, especially this season in all honesty. The thing is that I can't stand the sight of fabregas sporting that jersey. It's just too much.

I guess I am not the only arsenal supporter who feels like that.

Rationally, this all drama doesn't make sense. Arsenal is not related to Nepal. I am not related to arsenal in anyway. My extensive network of cousins and their cousins and their kids and so forth do not play for Arsenal. There's no real connection.It's all superficial.

I know.

Yet, I tend to support a team that's frankly not going to give any shit if I exist or even if they have my support. I support the way they structure the club inside out, the way players are garnered and given opportunities to shine and the way Arsene treats his players.

He treats them how they should be treated. In a humane way, respecting that each individual is different and showing patience when things don't go as he envisages them to be. No matter how frustrated fans can be of players sometimes, they still notice how overly protective he can be of these off-the-form players.

He treats them as his own. In all the years I have watched Arsenal, season after season, game after game, I feel he has always maintained his composure when it comes to treating his players right.

Of course, he does have of his moments of total lunacy, but that happens with age. Arsene knows, he's intelligent and he's aware.

And then you have Mourinho.
Excellent record in winning trophies. It's staggering how much he has been able to achieve with the tactics he employs. No one can ever take away that. He's special in a sense that he's completely f**ked up too.

Players are bought and sold as commodities but I do sense that Mourinho takes that in quite literal fashion. On paper, it does make sense to treat them as harshly and as puppet-y as possible; in fact these players are paid by the millions to do what they love doing. They are professionals. They are expected to perform.

But then they are humans as well. They need to be respected, supported and not touted all the time. You can't be brutally honest all the time. Sensible people don't do that. You don't have to remind players that they are shit when they know they played like shit.

I mean this season for chelsea has been a culmination of everything that is so wrong about Mourinho. Backroom fallouts, players wanting to leave, substituting a player and then taking the same player off, public humiliation of players, saying that he was the one who won the trophy last season not his players, not being patient when players lose form, accusing his own players of being rats. It's ridiculous.

It was quite clear that he felt he had too much control over his club so much so that he was challenging the board to sack him. I mean if that was not a sign of desperation than I don't know what is.

I don't think any chelsea fan is proud of what he has done this season. Not on the pitch but outside it. Time and again, he's done that where ever he goes and it does look like the special london place he so swooned about coming back is not welcoming him back anymore.

As an arsenal supporter, I feel immensely proud that we have someone on the helm who can't wear his jacket's zippers properly but treats his players and his club with the respect they deserve.

Stay classy, Arsene. 


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