SNUSAT II Wide Angle Camera Development


Currently, the SNUSAT-II team is in talks with On Semiconductor to order the image sensor and break-out board for software and hardware development of SNUSAT-II WAC. As the formal process took time, we instigated on working with readily available MT9D111 image module which is similar to MT9P031 image sensor (in terms of register structure).  This way, we can ensure that development of MT9P031 will be quick once we have the related datasheet after signing the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

For processing, we are using STM’s STM32F4 DISCO Board for evaluating STM32F429ZI processor. An additional development board, Open429Z-D Board by Waveshare, is used to ensure the hardware for software development is reliable. 

The current setup looks as follows:

STM32F429ZI Development Board mounted on Open429Z-D extension board

MT9D111 Camera module which can be easily bought through websites such as eleparts


The current software is a bare-bone structured camera firmware based on STM’s HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) Library. No middle layer code, such as RTOS (Real Time Operating System), is in place, although, this might be implemented later. The code is written in C on IAR Workbench which works as a compiler, debugger and also a linker. Currently, image data has been obtained and the corresponding hex value printed out on serial screen. Implementation of SD card to save the data is currently underway.

The setup for the camera software is shown in the picture below:

Camera firmware V1.0 being implemented using IAR Workbench 
and printed out using PUTTY serial monitor using RS232 to USB connector


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