Looking Ahead Six Months From Now

Han River Midnight Silence
I was complaining to my friend that I feel a bit jarred with all that I am doing and she snapped me and said "You just have too many things you're interested in."

And indeed, that's right. I happen to be a tiny bit interested in that, a tiny bit more interested in that other thing, a little more interested on that thing I was doing and the wheels seems to keep turning and turning, endlessly.

Of all this chaos and mess that I call my daily life, I seem to have a certain direction. Like a the curves twist and turn and twist a couple more but then they have a particular path that it's making and I do certainly like where it's headed at.

So you ask, tell me what shitty place you will landing in about six month's time from now? Well, I don't know that for sure but I will break it down for you. In manageable, edible, digestible chunks.

1) Studies

A. Thesis: 70% done, heading towards the final week before my defense
B. Defense: If you can write a 100 page thesis, you can give a 20 minute presentation
C. Graduation: Taking 4 credits this semester, and given that I haven't missed my lectures, I should be fine.

2) Life after Graduation

A. Visa: Even for instance I don't find myself a job (which i will), i still get to extend my visa to "look for job" in Korea for 6 months. So that shouldn't be a problem
B. Work: Discussing some options this week with the boss so lets see what happens
C. House: One option popped up recently but will largely depend on where I go to work as well

3) Band

1) Performance: I will be back working with the band again from next month and we already have a show booked at Club FF on June 17th. Things should really kick off from then.
2) EP Recording: This has been at the back of our minds for a while now, and since i will have done with my thesis and defense, will be working on to record few of our songs. Would be cool to give someone your own recording for a change

4) Blog
A) Camera: I really really need one. Looking at some cheap mirror-less cameras with macro lens to get that close up pictures I always wanted.
B) Instagram: Having an online presence is what I like to do and I think I might actually give insta a go for all the pictures i will be taking
C) Gastronomy focus: While I like some food bloggers out there in Seoul, I think they are still largely missing out on the some the amazing places. Will be addressing that.

5) Travel

A) Nepal: Will be heading home (finally) for about 3 weeks. Still need to plan out pokhara and last resort trip
B) Japan: Got a full scholarship for a training in Japan at the end of September, so will be heading there straight after Nepal. This time it's not Kyushu or Tokyo but Hokkaido.

Yep, plenty to work on but let's get this shit thesis done and dusted. 


  1. Good luck, you're almost there :) For the Visa, starting next month the gov is easing the conditions to get a work visa, so you should be fine. Also, as a masters grad of a Korean uni, you have a bunch of options, check out the F2 points visa. Cheers!


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