Bands on my Pod: Toe (Japan)

Kashikura Takashi has a odd way of holding the sticks but boy can he thump that skin
We have this facebook group opened by a friend of mine. I am not sure if he tried to make it exclusive but I remember being invited to join. The whole point was to post music videos that we have been listening and basically, well, share. Fittingly at that time, everyone had an ipod with them (i had a shuffle) and he named the group as "songs on my pod." The concept was cool but issue was that the music wasn't. You see, these guys were the same people i grew up with, sharing the same room for almost a decade, listening to the same god damn songs but somehow, somwhere, things changed. We changed.

We all did.

I found depth in prog rock and made a slow transition to post rock. My bandmates introduced me to this genre I found geek-type but since has grown on me. I can see where they get their influences from.

That, my friend, is Math Rock.

I don't know how to define it. Sounds pretty post-rocky, prog-rocky to me, with bit more oomph added to the equation. If you did like to have a piece of that pie, try youtubing Clever Girl. They are insanely tight.

One band though, that I have been following for the past week is Toe. Toe from Japan. As always, I headed out to wiki to quench my undying, unpalatable thirst. Says, band members are KashiKura Takashi (drums), Mino Takaaki (guitar), Yamane Satoshi (bass) and Yamazaki Hirokazu (guitar). Ooofff. I will pass on the names and call them by Toe's guitarist, drummer, the other guitarist and so on. They had someone on the keys as well but I can't find his name anywhere.

Guess I will just call him the lost key.

Bassist, guitarist, drummer, other guitarist. The other needs a shave.
lost key is undertaking no.2
So let's start out with some of my favorite songs;

1) Goodbye

Just a really well scripted, amazingly fluid song. Absolutely loved every bit of it.
2:07 Brilliant intro
2:36 Toki Asako joins in. I youtubed her for more and she has a gorgeous, gorgeous (face) and voice. Absolutely in love right now.
4:46 Oh shit. That acoustic guitar line just makes the transition smooth
6:10 Wait for it. F**king excellent. jizz all over.

2) Kodoku No Hatsumei

A mellow type, with more focus on the drums. This was actually the first song i came across from Toe and it just hit the sweet spot. Mostly, it has that post-rocky feel.

1:27 Beauty
1:42 What can I say, we Jaaaaming.
2:01 That bass.
3:08 Focus.drums.

3) After Image

Both guitarists go acoustic on this one, really accentuating those strums. Notice what difference the keys makes. Can't explain, give it a try. Energy unlimited

1:37 Keys baby keys. Try to separate the bass lines too.

Anyways, got you started there. Got a thesis to wrap up.
See ya. aligator. moderater. ice cool germinator.
nope, ignore that.


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