What a Graduate Defense Feels Like

It's funny because all through out your graduate school, you have been waiting for this one moment where you stand up in front and start babbling about the research you did. You envisage what results you would present, who would be there, how the Profs would respond; every bit of detail. And then when the moment finally comes, it just feels like any other conference paper presentation you have given. 

In other words, it was not as "edgy" as I thought it would. The people around are the same people. One of the prof present was right next to me seated uncomfortably on those economy seats as we held hands and flew to japan and the other Profs only comment was "Shit, you did a lot of work."

Yeah, I mean you spend 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in the lab, what are you supposed to do? You just run out of all the shows you have been itching to watch and then you finally sit down and do research. 

One thing is clear though. No matter how much effort you have put in your research, how much you have focused on "learning" that thing you are doing, no matter how much shit load of time you have given to figure out the process, if you don't have results, it just doesn't matter.

You know when it matters? when you have results and you back track and show them the process. Then they will appreciate that because after all, results speak. process doesn't. 

Heading out to celebrate now. 
Thanks ma, ba for all the infinite texts you guys were constantly launching. I hope you guys get some sleep tonight. 

And so will I. 


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