Homebrew Terrorism Becoming a Growing Concern

Nobody actually knows what to make out of the attack on the recent bloodbath on Holey Artisan Bakery, located in one of the most secure, posh, expat centered area in Dhaka, Bangladesh. On a personal level, the attack feels close, close to home, close to the friends that I have here and very close to the families they have. The state of inequality that countries like Bangladesh face is severe, yet it's hard to fathom that youths from the upper spectrum -educated, well-off, elitist youths- would commit such acts is beyond anyone. My friends here are loss for words. 

I have nothing to add too. 

It's alarming. That anyone, anywhere whether someone is from the upper or lower class, educated or not, can change their view on the world that they live in, brew anger from within and cause social unrest like the one recently witnessed. That even elitist youths who have everything they need in their life, who had already hit the jackpot of being born in a stable, upper class families can be lured to perspectives that are far, far from humane, is not good news.

The worry is that if such attack happens in Dhaka, it can happen here in Seoul. It can happen in Kathmandu. It can happen in the very same place you are reading this. Because people like you and me, who can read, understand, and make day to day rational decisions are eventually causing pain, anger, frustration to the families that have to bear the brunt of such crimes. 

It's a vicious cycle, this one. Activities such as these are covered in the mass media, sensationalized, discussed, re-discussed. This further motivates the should-not-be-named organization brew more of the same and as you will notice, the only way is down. The question everyone has in mind is..is this just the beginning?

Only time can tell. May the families and friends find solace in this difficult, uncertain times.  


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