Arsenal signing two players but Arsene has to go. Really.

One of the most experienced managers in the Premier League has to now leave the club that has been his life
Investment is an interesting thing. I am not talking about the business wise investment that we are all familiar with but the one that involves mental investment. There's no complex formula or theorem to understand how it works either. It's quite simple actually; the more invested you are on something-anything- the more emotionally attached you are to that "thing." And as humans firstly emotional beings and not rationale, mental investment is perhaps one of the most important factors that could affect a person's mental well being. 

That's why when Germany didn't make it to the finals in the Euros this time around, the result didn't seem to affect me at all. This was huge because every single time, every single international event, I have been following Germany as my own country, as if anything that they win mattered to me. Frankly, they don't give a f**k, but for me, it meant the world every time they hit big.

So what changed? investment. I spent my mental currency focusing on entirely different things to football and here I was reading that Germany had been kicked out from the Euros and it didn't mean shit. I tried applying the same strategy to Arsenal though but hasn't quite worked out so far. 

Arsenal, let's just face it, is hard to watch and even harder to follow. When the team clicks, they play extraordinarily intricate, sumptuous football and is like staring at perfectly round tits but when they don't, which happens far too often, it's like you staring into a broken cuckoo clock which supposed to cuckoo an hour ago and hasn't cuckoo-ed yet and instead a moment after, the clock just crumbles into the ground, is torpedoed by the next generation torpedo and the remains just gets blown into the sea. They make their life as difficult as possible, on the ground and off the ground.

At the center of it all is Arsene Wenger. 

Arsenal's start of the season has been typically arsenal. We are already 5 points behind leaders, we have a defense and midfield plagued by injuries and haven't signed enough players in key positions. Granit Xhaka came on early to spark hopes that Arsene is going all guns blazing but since then has subsided. We are imminent to sign two players, and mind you, in two very important positions [HERE] but if you think about it, this sort of situation in the club has no longer been a deja vu but rather something you can expect season in, season out. 

Problems actually lie deeper than just getting players in positions we aren't strong at. Injuries for one has been a constant headache. How many times have we seen a player come in for another player and then getting the same player replaced by another player because he was injured too. Or how many times have we witnessed a player go through the whole season with less than 90 minutes under his belt. We lost TWO players on the opening day of the season after losing key defensive player in the warm up to that game. 

Injury prone players you say? Unlucky you say? Maybe. But much has to do with how players are trained, the physical regime they have to go through and the rest they get between games. I am not trying to put all the blame on the manager, but hey he's the one building the foundation for these players and the buck stops with him. 

Arsene after the first game in liverpool talked about mental strength to show how the gunners, being 1-4 down at home, managed to pull back to 3-4. Mental strength is when you go one nil up and not let the lead slip. Mental strength is when you go 1-1 in half time and then come back, work hard and win the game. Not let 4 goals in. How many times have we seen the other team go rampage on Arsenal. What happened to the "mental strength" then? Why was Arsene just sitting, looking dejected like every time he has done for the past, i dont know how many years he has been at the helm of the club.

Oh let's not even go on with transfers. Arsenal are, perhaps the only team this season, who went into the opening games without a proper defense and without a proper striker. Obviously you are going to face a steep task of winning games when both end of the field is found wanting. But let's be optimist here and say, the signings we are going to do are going to be done before the window closes on August 31. They take time to adjust, to be eased into the team and for players not familiar to the premier league, the going can get really really tough. Till then, Arsenal will have to suffer.

What I see is that all of the issues we have boils down to one man. He calls the shots in everything. He's the one making the final decisions. Tactically, financially, structurally. Finding a replacement for Arsene will be hard but that's not the issue here, it's the fact that he has to go. Really.

Even if we do miraculously win the title this year, or an important international cup we have hardly had a taste of, Arsene still needs to say goodbye because year in, year out, everything he does is being far too predictable while being far too costly. I don't really know who the club brings in or what direction the club will move into but change is fundamentally crucial now. 

Any change for that matter. 


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