Seoul's Better Brewhouses (and ones to avoid)

Amazing Brewery from Seoul serves beer quite the opposite of their name
I was at the Seoul Homebrew's Potluck event this Saturday and was talking about how craft beer has really taken to the streets of Seoul. The word "craft" misused? maybe, but the sheer fact that people are starting to experiment with booze that doesn't taste like watered down piss is already entertaining. Unfortunately, that has also been an issue; the quantity of craft brewers and breweries out there are sprouting like shrooms but the art they present in form of fermented beverages is a bit worrying. 

Investment 101 asks anyone to look at a product and the price and ask yourself "Does this provide value to the money" "Does it offer me back knowledge, pleasure or any sort of gain 2 folds, 5 folds, or even 10 folds the investment I am making?" These are questions worth asking when you step in the line to get hold of your Korean craft booze. Because, well, the value these brewhouses provide is,  on average, poor. 

Prices for a pint can range anywhere between 5-12k won, which is a lot to pay for glass of beer. So how do you get the best out of what they charge you? I don't think you will ever have to worry about the general ambiance of the pub you visit as they are generally meticulously decorated anyways. 

The way I will approach writing the guide is through styles and what beers are, at least, seemingly worth what they state they are. I agree that brewing and distributing and taxes and all the tits and bits in running a business is not easy but these brewers are supposed to be professionals; they do this 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are expected to produce a decently drinking beer for the public. This guide in no way disrespects the sheer amount of effort that goes into making a beer but hey, it's my money and I feel I am entitled to make judgement on the service they provide. 

So let's start out with the classic:

Pale Ale

Gangnam Pale Ale by Craftbros: Solid. well balanced pale ale.
Craftbros Website: [HERE]

Gangnam Pale Ale, loved every bit of it
@abhasmaskey instagram
Daedongang Pale Ale by The Booth: Collaborative brewing with Mikkeller, the Booth hits the nail on this one. 
The Booth Website: [HERE]

The Booth/Mikkeller's Daedongang Pale Ale
Taken by madeinepali
India Pale Ale

Magpie's IPA by Magpie: Towards the sweeter end, but flavorful non the less. Magpie's IPA is one to go for.
Magpie Website: [HERE]

Magpie's IPA paired up with one their signature pizzas
@tak__ray instagram
Combat Zone IPA by Maloney's Brewing Co: Hoppier, bolder, dryer. Solid IPA.
Maloney's Website [HERE]

Combat Zone IPA by Maloney's
@craftbeerlens instagram
Monk IPA by Playground Brewing: Only tried it once but was worth the mention
Playground Brewery Website [HERE]

Weird to name your IPA Monk but there you go
@abhasmaskey instagram
Wheat Beer (Weit)

Snow White Ale by Craftbros: Wheat beer is difficult to nail but the Snow White had all the beauty and grace.
Craftbros Website: [HERE]

Craftbro's Snow White Ale frequently runs out
@craftbros_tapbottle instagram

K Weisse by Hand and Malt Brewing: Hand's down best Korean craft beer I had. Berliner Weisse done right.
The Hand and Malt Brewing Website [HERE]

Hand and Malt's Berliner Weisse is the answer for hot summer
@abhasmaskey instagram

Mocha Stout by The Hand and Malt Brewing Company: The milk stout is a lighter than what I like but has that milky creaminess I am looking for from my stout.
The Hand and Malt Brewing Website [HERE]

Mocha Stout by The Hand and Malt
@lu8cfp instagram
Breweries that get's a mention

Itewon Brewing Company (Four Season's Pub): Crafty in what they make, worth checking their pub out in Itewon.
Pyrus (Formerly Lovibond): Usual suspects on tap, but their chocolate stout was worth a try.

Breweries to avoid

Craftworks Brewing Company: Has sidelined in recent years when they should have really been kicking off. 

Made in Pondang: I was at their opening some years back and the beer was bad. After several visits, the beers are consistent; consistently bad. 

Amazing Brewery: The beers they serve is a complete rip off. I am very angry that they can actually sell stuff like that and smile. 

Craft One: Were one of the pioneers but never quite managed to inspire another drink.

Platinum: At one point i used to like their pale ale, but now, not so much

Ka-Brew: Anything with Ka-brew written is not worth it.

There you go, will have a review on Busan's Brewhouses when I visit Busan this week. Till then, do check out the Hand and Malt's Sour. It's a good sip for hot summers like these.


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