Abhas Maskey, Nepal [Portfolio 1.0]

[Rev 1.0: Initial Post 24.10.16]

Not your normal blogpost.
This portfolio post is for individuals/startups/companies/institutions/seed-funders looking to collaborate and extend on the work I have been doing so far. Currently interested in hardware design for electronics, satellite education, low-cost hands-on science kit development, grass root level community-based open source projects and science writing. 

Name: Abhas Maskey
Nationality: Nepalese
Education: Budhanilkantha School, Seoul National University (SNU)
Education Level: Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Jeung In-Seuck, CubeSat Research Center under Aerospace Propulsion and Combustion Laboratory, SNU
Thesis on: Camera Design for Nano-Satellite [HERE]
Instagram @abhasmaskey
Website www.madeinepal.com
Space qualified COTS Battery Design for CubeSat Systems
Schematic, Layout and Hardware Design
Electrical Ground Support System for CubeSat's Battery
Schematic, Layout and Hardware Design, Fabrication and Soldering
Accepted Master's Thesis on Nano-Camera Design for CubeSat Systems
Ground up design of COTS selection, multiple prototype design, external structure design,
schematics, layout, both camera software and hardware design incuding fabrication and soldering.
Space qualified for CubeSat systems, complete design can be found [HERE] & [HERE]
On-Board Computer for 1U/2U/3U CubeSat System
Complete Design and Fabrication, conference paper can be found [HERE]
Arduino Based Electrical Ground Support Equipment for CubeSat Systems
Complete hardware design from schematics, layout and fabrication to soldering.
Working design has been documented [HERE]
Worked with different institutions in Nepal, Japan and Korea
and given presentation of the work I have done including
camera design [HERE], product design cycle and CanSat design
Training completed on Satellite Testing Tutorial under Prof. Cho of Kyushu Institute of Technology
and CanSat Leadership Training Program hosted by Hokkaido University under Prof. Totani [HERE]
Pending Projects:
CanSat Education and Training for Kathmandu University
Development of smart delivery system with the Kathmandu University Robotics Team
Cow Tracking System using GPS to understand feeding habits with Rooster Logic 
Pending Projects:
Disaster Management using Open Satellite Data (MODIS, LANDSAT OLI) based on paper I wrote [HERE]


  1. good and effective way of describing the knowledge and skills acquired.


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