Hollow Home EP Album

Hollow Home, Dongmyo Police Box gig poster in Hongdae street, Seoul
If you end up in a club after a few or more or even more drinks, just make sure to find an Indian guy dancing around. Because, I guarantee you,  that could make your night. Maybe I am being racist here towards my own kind, but I am sure you don't want to miss out a serious faced Indian dude making bollywood moves in some Brazilian trance song.

The club thing came right after our release of Hollow Home EP at club FF. Months of delay for sure, but it sure feels good to have something substantial recorded. I have had nothing of such experience before and now that I have, I feel a great deal of respect for all the musicians, whether they are pros or rookies like us, who go through the strenuous process of recording a song.

A special thanks to the recording motorbiky dude from thunderhorse for recording and mixing. Brandon, our bassist, worked on the album cover while Soren (vocals, guitars, band manager, *whatevercomestoyourmind*) did just about everything else. I just went there, recorded my part, gave a few comments and that's it. So to my band mates, I have to record me saying "thank you" and then play them over a thousand times.

There's two songs; Desperate Animation and Moju Soju (goes without saying it's dedicated to soju). Do enjoy them, they are free to download.

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