SastoSat Update: Pixracer Hardware Description for Command & Data Handling

PixRacer Harnessing.
Photo Credits [HERE].
SastoSat is now on a roll as I just managed to purchase a Pixracer clone from Aliexpress (SastoSat? [HERE]). The price was higher than I thought, which I initially calculated around KRW 76,943. I was thinking around the lines of KRW 50,000 but I still think it's value, for what hardware it packs in. I have that documented on the slides on the post.

Not that cheap but still value
If you are interested in building your own SastoSat, I have zipped folder of whatever I have done so far. Includes all the datasheet of the components discussed below, BOM, copy of the presentation slide and information on DIY 10,000 class clean room. I will be needing that after the EQM.

SastoSat Data [HERE]

SastoSat Command & Data Handling (OBC)


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