In Seoul, It's Craft Beer Festive Season

Hopmori's Double IPA was the one to avoid. Undrinkable.
Troy, if you reading this, please don't make us pay for stuff like this.
It would be an understatement to say that craft beer in Korea has caught up. Craft beer signs are ubiquitous in every nook and corner while breweries are opening up like shrooms to keep up with the trend. What I like about that is that older, mature breweries have taken the initiative to brew bolder, newer styles to differentiate themselves from the market. Think about it, 2016 saw styles such as sours and imperial stouts emerge while 2017 has a seen surge in New England style IPAs and not to mention Korea's first Triple IPA, a very solid beer from Busan's Galmegi. Check the beer out at this spring's edition of the Great Korean Beer Festival (GKBF), which is the beer to drink. 

8th edition of the Great Korean Craft Beer Festival. Happens twice a year.
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Galmegi Brewing Company's Triple IPA (KRW 10,000)
Steven Allsopp, CEO of Busan's Galmegi, holds Korea's first Triple IPA with an ABV 10% and IBU of 85.
Three of those and you might want to head home before you do anything stupid
Table Brewing Company's IPA (KRW 6000)
Solid, well balanced, well hopped. This was my first time drinking Table and I like what they had to offer.
I did ask them for their best beer though.

Interestingly, The Booth has been organizing its own version of craft beer festival called Beer Week Seoul. What's up with that anyways? I will be heading down to check that out today and report back when I have something substantial. Till then, drink good beer and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

The Booth has been organizing The Beer Week Seoul since 2016
fb event page [HERE]


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