Seoul Beer Week Opening Day 2017

Playground Brewery's New England Style IPA Hopsplash on tap.
I have been both to the Great Korean Beer Festival that's happening now in Coex Mall and the Seoul Beer Week at the Common Ground now and I have to say, I am fairly impressed with the breweries The Booth had managed to line up for the guests. After hearing quite a lot about Goodman's French Garden Saison, I finally got to try out. Wasn't disappointed at all. Crisp, light, none of that sourness that dominates their Belgian version of Garden Saison. Very good.

Turmeric Sour by Gorilla Brewing (Busan) [LEFT] and French Garden Saison by Goodman Brewery (Seoul) [RIGHT]
One of weirdest beers I have had yet was the heavy turmeric loaded sour by Gorilla Brewing. I am a curry guy, love my turmeric on my food but I wasn't sure whether brewing with turmeric was a good idea. To my surprise though, the beer sort of grew on me on every next sip. Ended up feeling great about the beer actually, weird.

New England Styled IPA Hopsplash from Playground Brewery
With The Booth, Amazing Brewery and Magpie brewing all getting on the New England IPA bandwagon, Playground Brewery had its own Hopsplash to offer this year. Really good nose, hoppy notes in the beginning with a slight sweet finish at the end. I have to say, Korean craft breweries are really hitting the sweat spot these days. The only problem, like Bill likes to say it, "is the consistency."

The Beer Week Seoul in it's first hour of opening
Ticket pricing: I had no clue about the early bird tickets. Yet for three Korean craft beer tickets with an additional three foreign beers of your choosing, the ticket was KRW 34,000. Which translates roughly to be around KRW 5000 per glass. Beer is not a cheap hobby, let me tell you that. However, given that you get to choose any beer regardless, it's still a good deal.


The Booth: Kookmin IPA [IPA]
Wild Waves Brewing: Surleim [Sour]
Amazing Brewery: First Love [New England IPA]
Goodman Brewery: French Garden Saison [Saison]
Gorilla Brewing: Turmeric Sour [Sour]
Galmegi Brewing: Busan Ssanaei [Triple IPA]
Playground Brewing: Hop Splash [New England IPA]
Magpie Brewing: The Last Train [Baltic Porter]

Event Page [HERE]. Has the direction as well.
Lineups until Sunday, May 7, 2017
Domestic lineups don't seem to change


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