I Am Not Important, And That's Great

Food truck middle of nowhere.

It must have a been a few weeks back when I woke up at the middle of the night realizing I hadn't put the manual lock on my one room apartment. I jolted up, drifted past my bookshelf and latched the door onto the chain locking it real good. Tried opening up and the door didn't move an inch. Good, very good I thought while making a big sigh of relief. 

And then it hit me. Nobody would want to break in anyways. And that's when I realized I was so unimportant. 

There wasn't a stack of cash hidden in my sleek 15 meter square apartment. In fact, any thief who would break would immediately regret going through all that trouble because there's literally nothing they can take away. Drums? nah too heavy. My TV? it's second hand. My electronics? who in the right mind would take that anyways. It's cheap stuff. 

What about my life you ask? It would be incredibly egoistic to think that I would serve any serious purpose by being kidnapped. I am politically neutral, so neutral that I have never voted. I never make fun of other people's religion (except Christians, of course. All the shit you give me, I have to give some back) and nobody will have any ransom to pay even if they took me away. My kidneys? hmm yeah could be possible but I am not in China. 

I am just so unimportant. The irony dawned on me for a while. I was quite sad that nobody wanted to kill me or hurt me. I was that unimportant. 

And that's absolutely fantastic. 

I get to live and do what I like to do, and nobody bothers me or gives a shit. I love it. I sleep in peace. I eat and go out and drink and nobody cares. 

Being anonymous is actually a wonderful thing. I realized that writing this post. 


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