One-Room For Rent: Nakseongde Station (3-5min)

Night Shot.
I am moving out of the country on first week of August, and I am looking for a new tenant for my room. Since I have a contract with the landowner till December of 2017, I am obliged to find someone new to replace me so that I can terminate my current contract.

Here's my honest take on the location, room, facilities and landowner. I have placed the housing prices and contact details at the end of the post.


1) 3-5 min walk from Nakseongde Station, Line no.2 (2호선 낙성대역)
2) 15 min from Gangnam Station (강남역), 30 min from Hongde Station (홍대역)
3) Location is in a quite neighborhood
4) Seoul National University (서울대학교)  back gate, 20-30 minutes walk
5) Ton of cafes and eateries around. Bubbling craft beer pubs (수제맥주집), if you are into that
6) Community run Nakseongde Market (낙성대 시장) is about 7 min walk

1) Gradient slope of about 20-30 degrees while heading from Nakseongde Station to the room. I don't mind walking a bit uphill for 3-5 minutes, good workout everytime

English:  201, 42 Nambusanhwan-ro 247da-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, 08801, REP. OF KOREA
Korean (한국어):  서울특별시 관악구 봉천동 1690-198, 201호

Directions to the room

Google map's street view of the building and room


TECHNICAL SPECS:Area: 16.5m2 (~5평)

Table, Bed, Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, Electric Stove (not induction but heating), Refrigerator, Book Shelf, Cupboard, Retractable Shoe Rack. Check pictures below.

Internet (very obvious). TV line line present but no signal. Maintenance cost (관이비) includes water, electricity and gas so you don't worry about using as much as you like. I stopped being so environmentally conscious after it started affecting my health.

1) Receives sunlight from anywhere between 3-5 hours depending on the season
2) No one resides below, so you can jump around with no issue
3) New big refrigerator and bed from IKEA
4) Very friendly Ajashi (아저씨), the landowner, and speaks both English (lived in Britan) and Korean
5) The furnishing is aesthetically pleasing, unlike most other places (check pictures). I am beginning to think the owner has good sense for interiors (except the curtains, might want to change them)
6) Bathroom has a sliding window, which might be a no-brainer but some bathrooms don't and use fans.

1) No exhaust fan for stove. I open the window while I do my cooking. Seems to do the trick. Cooking in winters is not so fun. You could talk to the Ajashi about the issue.
2) Tricky to open the fridge, as you will have to move the sliding window around
3) Ideal for one person, although I frequently had friends sleep over
4) The floor heating controls are outside and controls four rooms including yours. I didn't have much issues as the temperature was maintained at 24 degrees centigrade.
5) Had internet slowing down (in Korean speed) but the Ajashi was cool about it and called technical support to sort things out

Day Shot (Air Conditioner and Bed included, drums not included)

Table (TV not included)


Retractable shoerack, which is neat


Large fridge (new condition)

Washing machine for laundry and electric stove for cooking

Attached bathroom


Type: Monthly pay with deposit (원세)
Rental Cost: 1000/40 so that's 10,000,000 Won deposit and 400,000 Won monthly rent (천만원/4십만원)
Maintenance Cost: 110,000 Won (11만원)
Total Monthly Pay: 510,000  Won (51만원)


You can contact me if you wish to see the room in person. Please use the following information to get in touch. 

Name: Abhas (압하스)
Phone (핸드폰): 010-6605-9135
Kakao (카카오):  mukhe961
Language (언어): नेपाली, English, 한국어 


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