Japan Day 2-3: Some Obvious Differences to Korea

Park isn't smiling these days.
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Residency Card:
Residency card is immediately issued on arrival. Take that Korea! No waiting at immigration offices.

The local "metro":
Very confusing. The same track has about four different trains running on the same f**king track. Took me 40 minutes just to get to the next station. Still adjusting, but I think I will get used to it in about...a year. 

The University:
I am trying to find the right way to describe how Kyutech compares to Seoul National University. All I have to say is that it looks...cute. That's it. I walk, in my pace, about 10 minutes and I am through with the school. Compare that to walking half an hour just to get what used to be my engineering building at SNU, and you can really see why I describe it the way I do. 

Funny enough, the satellite center is the opposite, however. It's huge and there are 40+ other students who build satellites instead of the usual two.


Cheap, almost by 1/3rd compared to imported liquor in Korea. A bottle of Jim Beam White would set me back around $30, while in Japan, it's $10 at 7/11. What in the world.

I have graduated from Jim Beams but it's a nice measure to compare. 

Craft Beer:
Super markets have IPAs. While small in numbers, they still have them. 

Finding a Home:
Same ridiculous amount of money you need to pay to the agent, but get this: no more stupid deposit money of $10,000 or more. Instead some home owners ask for a one time payment of about a month. This makes getting a roof over your head a lot easier.

All Cash Economy:
You would be surprised that for such an advanced economy, Japan still prefers to use cash over electronic transactions through debit cards. That means you need a bag to hold all that useless metal change. 

Weirdly enough, the concept of cryptocurrency bitcoin was brought forth by a shady Japanese guy/girl/gay called Satoshi Nakamoto. And here I am in his/her country paying for a bowl of Ramen in real metal coins. 

Gyoja vs Mandu:

Ramen vs Ramyan:
I am all Ramen baby. Sorry Korea, we had a good run but it's all over now. 


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