Kyushu [Craft] Beer Festival 2017

It's probably the best time to drink good beer in Kyushu.

If there's one thing and one thing only that I had to list out that has fundamentally changed the way how I interact, move and exist in the space around me, it has to be craft beer. It's not just about drinking good beer, but sharing it with a creative community of brewers and beer drinkers that's absolutely fun to be around. Be it Singapore, Seoul, Sapporo, Kunming, Bangkok or even Kathmandu, the story is the same; everyone loves a good glass of beer and importantly, the story behind it. Here in Kyushu, with the temperature hovering at just over 25C, it's no different. 

I have here a photo blog of my trip to Fukuoka to experience my first Beer Festival in Japan since 2015. [In case you are interested, [HERE]'s the link to the official page. At the time of writing this blog, the festival is still very on at Hakata Station, Fukuoka].

Kyushu Beer Festival 2017

Minoh Beer from Osaka

The local favorite, The Brew Master from Fukuoka

One more of that please!

Star of the show: The Brew Master's Pale Ale

Awabeer from Chiba

Old meets new

Minoh's Stout

Do I get a free beer for this?

Hokkaido Abashiri Beer from Hokkaido uses blue pigments in malt to obtain the color

Tickets were roughly 500 Yen a piece 

Some live action as well

Some got super emotional

There you go. Well worth the trip to Fukuoka.


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