Madeinepal's Top 5 Podcasts for 2017

selective-radio, anytime, anywhere. 

Low and behold, 2018 is almost upon us. 2017 for me has been a year of growth, particularly a year I have got lucky in multiple occasions especially on the fact that I got into Kyutech. It's an amazing place to be learning satellites, let me tell you that. 

More on that on a post in the near future. As for now, let's start talking podcasts. 

Radio has clearly made a comeback; but not in a way you would expect. Podcasts are these hour long radio-like shows that's posted up on the internet on a particular theme or topic and is available for stream. I like to call it selective-radio. The fact that the process of listening to podcast is passive- say you can listen to a show on your way to work or school, while cooking or doing dishes- makes it a particularly interesting medium to consume media. Given reliable source, you end up subconsciously accumulating a wealth of knowledge; whether that's on health, science, sports, economics, psychology....just about anything. Can be quite a tool when you want to form an educated opinion on topics that might have been alien to you before. 

So what were my favorite podcasts that have given me value for my time for 2017? Here's a brief look at my Top 5:

No. 5 Arsecast Extra (Sports, Football, Arsenal):

Andrew (left) and James (second from left) smile at one of their live podcasting event.
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Co-hosted by arseblog's [HERE] Andrew Allen and gunnerblog's James McNicholas, this podcast is Arsecast (the originial podcast) on steroids. The two reminds me of Don Quixote and his ever faithful assistant Sancho Panza, only this time behind mic talking about Arsenal, peanut butter and what not. The frequency at which I laugh out loud listening to the podcast is barely matched by any show I have heard so far. The sense of humor, the light hearted manner they go about analyzing post-game and taking in questions from twitter and facebook is probably THE reason why I end up taking a Arsecast-extra dose every Monday. If you fancy Arsenal and if you are particularly frustrated with the away the team is progressing over the years, this podcast might give you a break. And a reason to follow Arsenal when all fails. 

Podcast archive link [HERE]

No. 4 Inquiring Minds (Science)

Next on the list is non other than Inquiring Minds. Co-hosted by the very beautiful Dr. Indre Viskontas (Neuroscience) and Indian-American Kishore Hari (Science Educator), the show is all about one thing and one thing only; Science. The typical format is that they select a topic every week they want to discuss- whether it's behavioral psychology, animal sex or Julius Caesar's breath- interview an expert doing the research on the topic and then have a post-interview discussion among themselves. A concise, up-to-date, science education that's very hard to come by in written media. 

Podcast archive link [HERE]

No. 3 Freakonomics Radio Podcast (Psychology, Science, Economics)

Hands-down THE most well produced podcast of all time has to go to Freakonomics Radio Podcast. The award winning podcast is hosted by journalist Stephen J. Dubner, author of New York Times #1 Best Seller on the same title, explores just about every topic you would imagine and how that affects us as human beings. Co-author and economist, Steven Levitt is a regular guest on the show. Dubner's way of presentation, "convince me" type interviewing technique and sense of humor creates a very detailed and in-depth look at topic in question. Latest episodes include Demonizing of Gluten [HERE] and Why is the Live-Event Market so Screwed Up? [HERE]. Just a taste of what spectrum of topics the podcast gets into. The show really is like the cliched "box of chocolates."

Podcast archive link [HERE]

No. 2. PRI The World (News)

A 45 minute update on what's happening around the world and my first show for my early morning routine. Hosted by Marco Werman in a frank, non-formal tone, the news podcast covers all the headlines from the day. PRI The World takes it even further by incorporating voices of the unheard, largely focused on educating the masses on things that normally people would never think of. They recently tackled issues on sexual harassment in Male-dominated asian societies to discussing actual cost of clothing and how that's affecting people in Bangladesh. The show comes out every day on the weekday. The World does a show or two at times on Saturdays as a special edition. 

Podcast archive link [HERE]
Or with google-assistant voice command: "Play the latest episode of PRI The World" on android. Same can be done with all the podcast mentioned on this blog except for the Arsecast.  

No. 1 Tim Ferriss's Show (Self-Improvement, Science, Experience, Know-how)

One word to describe the show? Life Changer. The fact that I have gone on to do regular fasting, the fact that I now meditate and that fact that so much of what I do on a daily basis to be the best possible version of my self everyday is because of this podcast exists. Host Tim Ferriss is just your average joe who's managed to achieve the extra-ordinary by not focusing on talent but on habits and routines. A New York Times Bestselling author of multiple publications, Ferriss teases out the core daily habit system that Top 5% performers in their field by asking very pragmatic questions on his podcast. If I ever have to recommend one podcast, it has to be this. So much good, practical, application information, it's crazy not to tap on what he has to offer. For free.

Very very strongly recommended to listen to all his podcasts. There's so much to learn and implement. There's something for everyone. 

Podcast archive link [HERE]

That's all for now, I will posting up more Top 5s/ Top 10s as we head towards the inevitable 2018. 


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