Bend It Like Casey

Casey Neistat. Words of b**lshit. Eveyday.

Honest to 330 million gods, I actually forgot for a while that I own a blog. It's been a seriously, seriously long time since I babbled about anything. The posts have gone soo..eerily stale that I am not sure that I like my writing any more. It's not that it's going to change in a whim but hey, gotta flex that writing muscles again. 

That leads me to think..should I accept the blog-a-day challenge for a week? I don't know. I really can't with all the shit assignments and the project. Actually, it's just that ONE assignment is taking a week to complete. Yeah, so blogging is out of the picture right now.

Or, should it really? I mean I can still script a few sentences, stitch them together and make something out of it. Casey did that everyday for a full year doing video. Of all the v-blogs I have watched, he's basically documenting everything. Documenting his rides, his skateboard, his more skateboard and his huge mouth. 

Also he kind of  makes my life at the laboratory look complete shit. Everyday after I stop hugging my bed in the morning, I practice the art of meditation and gratitude, turn on the PRI the World podcast and let Marco brief me into what's happening around the...well, the world. 

It's grim. At this point I am thinking "Hmm I love my life. Nobody's trying to kill me or stab me or even distantly accuse me of anything." BUT then at some point in the day, my brain goes autopilot, type into youtube and BAM! I am there watching Neistat take a nice holiday at some very nice looking beach with a very nice cocktail in his hand. 

That's basically his job.

And I am there, sitting, watching. Just absolutely devastated that I am a PhD student now. [Check out some that PhD comics stuff, hilarious [HERE]]

You have cross question though, is it really that bad? Nope. I get paid for being a student. I get paid better than any startup in Korea. I get paid to listen to English lectures on satellites, unlike shit Seoul National University. I even get my weekends completely off. Like no one bothers me during that time. No one tells me to come to the lab. Wow. 

You know what? My life maybe not as good as I think it might be, but it's definitely not as bad as I think it is. And about that blog challenge thingi, I guess I will have to stick with that.


  1. Best of luck man. Once you start BBM, you won't have time to shower.

    1. Can imagine. Prof. Maeda has been looking for you maisun lol


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