Anthony Bourdain Passes Away Without Ever Visiting Nepal

Anthony Bourdain was found dead at 61. 

What a really weird way to start the weekend.

Anthony Bourdain, Chef turned author turned celebrity food and culture traveller/blogger who had such shows as No Reservations, The Layover and Parts Unknown, was found dead at his hotel room. The initial report states that it was suicide. [HERE]

I first got to know about his work through my brother, which at that time, much of the Layover series was already out. His dry sense of humor, straight no-non sense, honest narration and that incredible prose-style writing made him an incredible, incredible storyteller. What's really so sad is that he never got to take a whim at Nepalese culture and food after travelling nearby parts of India and Sri Lanka. 

Kitchen Confidential shot Bourdain to the fame he enjoyed later in his life

It's funny how life can take a turn in a single day. From being a much celebrated chef, writer and presenter and really enjoying what you do to taking your own life and making everyone else feel miserable. It's such a selfish act, yet, in some odd way, I understand. I understand that the way I present to the world isn't exactly the way I feel deep inside. The only person I can't hide my feelings is I, and Bourdain probably knew that all too well. I guess the disappointment comes from the fact that he looked himself in front of the cameras leaving no hint that this could have happened. 

What a loss. The world needs more storytellers, not less.  


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