Astha Tamang Maskey is back with her new single More.

Astha's Back.
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Since I don't have any restrictions on promoting sibling's work on this blog, I shall simply take the liberty to go ahead and do so. I had written about her a long time back [HERE] and how she's always been more mature, more understanding, miss smarty pants than the rest of us and I am so very proud of her upcoming Muse EP which hasn't yet gone public. I thought about doing a full review but then nah.  I will let people drool about it. There's no way I am going to have an objective look at her work, there's just too much emotion attached already. All I can say is; I am hooked. 

Time to warm it up with her new single More. You can watch the official video directly here:

Diwas dai, a Budhanilkantha legend as he is, has this to say:

We are always behind you sis, no matter where we are :)


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