Underside from Nepal Reaches Heavy Metal World Cup Final

Neplease band Underside take on Babymetal from Japan in the finals.
Photo Credit [HERE]. 

New Age Metal outfit Underside has reached the finals of the Heavy Metal World Cup as www.loudersound.com reports [HERE]. To see a Nepalese band compete in international stage is one thing; to beat the likes of Sepultura (!!) and then Rammstein (!!!) to reach the final is quite the other. They will facing Babymetal from Japan in the grand finale.

Having seen Vhumi break into the very tiny metal scene in Kathmandu back in 2008-9 (they actually launched their album, quite unsuccessfully, on one of the gigs we organized) and then witnessed Underside take strength from the core of that band has been absolutely amazing. I don't think they would have been at this stage had ktmrocks.com [HERE], founded by Umesh Shrestha, not given them the platform to perform and really improve over the years. This is without discounting the effort they have put in their craft.

Beating Babymetal, though, will be tough. They are currently the defending champions and have gone on to beat the likes of Within Temptation (!!!!) and Immortal (!!!!!).

Babymetal's Karate:

Underside's Satan in your Stereo:

Let's take that trophy home. 


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