Madeinepal Turns 7. Holy Shit.

La Seine, Paris. 

Exactly seven years ago, I decided to sit down and write my first blog post. The whole idea of the website was simple; document products in Nepal. The only problem was that I wasn't in Nepal. So things slowly changed from actually covering and writing about things Nepali to my actual life. Which obviously only my parents really took deep interest in. 

As years went ahead, I used this very website to do loads of things. Get myself into concerts saying that I was this journalist from so and so website, get interviews in a similar way, express my opinion on craft beer culture in Korea, write about music, write about stuff and write about more stuff that nobody really cared. 

But what was most important was that I was able to find my voice; a voice that accurately documents what's in my head in the most natural, unadulterated, unfiltered way possible. It's unique in a way that I couldn't possibly have fathomed seven years ago when I sat down to write that very first post. My writing -while has changed- has been pointed, honest and experimental. Perhaps that's why the whole existence feels very authentic. And I think that's what people come back to read. 

My advanced prose class Professor once wrote to me after I completed to his class. It read, "I will kill you if you stop writing." I guess I am not ready to die, yet. 

Thank you for reading, supporting the blog and writing to me. I have had so much excitement to take on a writing project, do the actual publishing and let it sail into the vast expanse of the internet universe. 

I will leave you this very excellent live recording of Tank and The Bangas. Love the energy.


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