Pandemic Micro Blabbering

As humans and inhabitants of this beautiful planet for millions of years, we -humanity as a whole- never had had such a time when all of us cumulatively spent time sitting inside. On pre-pandemic times, I was at the office at 9 and all I could think was getting back home. When I got home, all I could think was getting out and about. A tiny minuscle never-seen-before virus later, we are all stuck inside waiting for the breakthrough herd immunity that the bio-science community keeps referring to. At this point, I am used to the social distancing rules, habits on OCD cleanliness but I do forget, for some reason, to wear the mask when I go out. I then have to walk back up, open the door, take my shoe out, wear my mask, wear my shoe again, lock the door, place the key at "you didn't see this" location and walk out.

Saving humanity isn't easy. 


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