First Blog

I am quite unaware of blog ethics, what blogs shouldn't include and all that crap. What I am aware is that you have to read what I write down. If you want to…. that is.

I will be touching down on the Nepali handmade articles in the next two or three entries:

First stop: Nepali Bags
These colorful vibrant items are enough for girls to go gaga on you (No guarantees though). Ever since I bought mine and walked around my university campus, people have taken notice of it. Easy to carry and strong enough to hold my engineering books, the bag has never received a single “shit bag” comment. When I asked my friends what they wanted from my hometown, they all looked down at my bag and said “You have a very pretty thing there”. No wonder.

Having had curbed some of the demand on the item, I would say this would make one fine gift to anyone who hadn’t had the pleasure of owing one. The bag comes in all different creative shapes, cocktail of colors and sizes but the major difference comes with the material that’s being used. The one with the plane white look is made out of hemp thread while the multi-colored ones are made out of local normal thick thread. The texture of cloth that we can observe is due to a special hand weaving technique that these artisans have been able to master through the ages.

And it’s cheap too. A bag under 10 bucks is, in my opinion, a really good deal. The only problem comes when you have to wash it. Direct washing will cause the material to shed its color visibly. Dry cleaners should wrap up that problem pretty well.

The shop I usually end up in gives a pretty good deal if you happen to buy more than what you need. Besides bag, the shop gives you plenty of other options to choose from; strange looking handmade lockets to pencil boxes to small cute little Yaks.


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