The overly out-of-topic discussion: Korea, Koreans, Food.

Like standup comedians, I am always on the look out for materials that I can draw inspiration from. It’s just that I find that from everywhere, everyone and everything that seriously sends an almost impulsive need to sit down right there, right then and start writing. As I take a deeper look into my brain for those moments, I am suddenly flooded with information that I cant really handle so… I will go one step at a time.

But first, the awkward moments:

The awkward moment when the guy next to you in class starts getting all serious about putting his middle finger inside his nose and digs out things I really cant say. Unfortunately, I am not that close to him to let him know what the hell he’s up to. The class goes on and finally at the end, (as I was so caught up with the class material) I completely forget the whole drama that had unfolded before and shake his bloody hands.

Now, there might be a lot of places where you might end up in awkward situations, but the Elevator has got to be on the very top. You meet people you have seen before, they stare at you and say absolutely nothing. Dead silence. Or the time where you shake his hands and say “whats up….” in this really cool voice only to forget his name (he remembers yours)

I know.. I had to start the blog somehow.

This blog entry will be entirely dedicated to something that is entirely different to what it pledges to do. Having been here in Korea for almost 2 years now, I have never got to express my thoughts on what people here are like, the food, the culture and what not in writing. So basically, I will be going through them as much as I can.

Only some days ago, having had a very tiresome lecture, I was taking the shuttle bus back to my dorms only to be amazed at what I saw at the window. 4 or 5 Koreans were all amusing themselves to sight I thought was clearly mundane. Dogs playing with each other. Nothing acrobatic either. One was following the other and one was a spectator.3 dogs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a dog watching course up in our university instead of lets suppose “bird watching” which might clearly interest some bird enthusiasts.  But I get where they are coming from, you don’t see 3 dogs at the same place at the same time too often here.

One thing I do know is Koreans love to eat and drink. The food choices are clearly debatable for people specially from South Asia who haven’t had to eat chicken asshole, or pig’s “last part of the digestive system where his shit gets expelled”  or cow’s blood fried but they surely do know how to mix up the spices, cook them well and get their Soju bottles out. With alcohol running down your nerves, its far too easy to start devouring these authentic Korean dishes that would have been hard to fathom back home.

What about the people you ask? Well, what can I say. I am in love with them. Clearly we have differences but who doesn’t? they do love to do everything in extremes (fascinating!): play starcraft in extremes, study in extremes, ski in extremes, stay up in extremes, sleep in extremes and most importantly, drink in extremes (impressive, as they come home 3 am wasted only to find them going to the class at 8). This is just a general impression though.

I have truly been fortunate to meet people with whom over the years I have been able to form a special bond. Without further delay, I should, or I must introduce you to my Korean family. Jiyong was still some random guy you see on the street until he ended up as my roommate in my freshman year first semester. Although he does regret having to share the same room with me, with my constant shouts, wails, and extreme noise inducing ability during Arsenal’s game and beyond, his amiable side helped us to get along very quickly. Not too long and I  got introduced to the Lee family. Quite possibly what I would have done without them is difficult to say; I was lost amidst a mist of uncertainty and there I found a beam of heavenly light that led me through into hospitable grounds. That beam gave me something to rely upon. Well, that’s what Jiyong and his dear family did to me. Helped me in almost all aspects of my life in Korea..they still do. I am truly, truly forever in depth.

Love to write more, but my bed keeps staring at me again. I am sure in the coming days I will be touching on Koreans a little more but basically, the blog has its basic protocols to follow as well.  Till next time.

From Jiyong's family, with love.


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