The Ridiculously Nosy Nose Digging Guy(s) or RNNDG(s)

Now writing a blog on a saturday morning after a little bit of booze in the system might seem a bit too harsh but that’s the way it is…it's been something like an eternity that I haven’t been writing and I do feel a bit awkward typing these very words down.

Library, for me, is a very depressing place. Don’t get me wrong, SNU’s library is as close to book heaven as it can get, you just search for a book and wallah! It’s right there AND nobody’s touching it. The fact that it’s the second largest in all Korea speaks volumes of the amount of books that’s been staked up. You can just imagine a book and then search for it in the database and still find it there. Amazing. *70% success rate*

It is the library’s 24 hour section that’s depressing. People are all buried under stakes of books making haste to prepare for a major exam the very next day. So stressed is the atmosphere that you need a whole lotta food to calm your nerves down.  I was with Halal the other day and oh my, Koreans can read the shit out of the books. You can take a minute rest and watch the whole drama unfold as students around turn the pages as fast as some F1 racer making a turn for a corner.  So what do you do to break their concentration? EAT. EAT CHOCOLATE. I noticed that by opening a packet of some noisy wrapper and munching on a bar of milky, crispy, delicious caramel in a very silent atmosphere could instantly break the sedative aura of texts to make heads turn your way. And not just heads. You have total control over their saliva secretion.  You can literally hear the *GULP*(s) sound hahahaha. I wonder what would happen if I start munching on a Big Mac. Its illegal to bring food though. (nobody cares!)

Getting really annoyed leads us to:

The Ridiculously Nosy Nose Digging Guy(s) or RNNDG(s)

Redefining Talent:

A talent can come in different shapes, sizes and crazy hangover shapes. Bappu had an incredible showcase talent to use fingers in both hands and limbs and do really weird stuff about them. Or Nake or Ghoda who had a mountain stuck on their face instead of a nose. That’s talent too. Or when the time Gole commented on how “talented” I was because I could distinguish between cut tomatoes and cut chilies.

I have to admit that nose digging is a talent too. An innate talent in epidemic scale. I might not be the appropriate guy to write something about sanitation (something that my sisters would agree) but come on! We are all in our early or mid 20’s and what’s up with all the nose digging?

It can get painfully hard when you find yourself in real pressure to forget about the world and focus on some equation only to find someone sitting right next to you score his finger right inside the left nostril as consistently as Messi finding his way into the opposition net.  I do understand that the change of seasons has thwarted a heavy blow into our lungs and that we find our nose to be blocked every now and then but it’s just plainly stupid not to wash your bloody hands or use a tissue. Its not like in Kathmandu where you open the tap and surprise! No water.

Well I thought about why people do so:

Habit: the obvious of obvious reasons. I was fortunate enough to have been slapped around if my fingers buzzed anywhere near my nose so I find it extraterrestrial when people start shoveling up their nose. Of course, it’s necessary that we clean our stuff but there are better ways to do so.

Stress:  During my part time act as nose digging researcher, (not that I wanted to be, just that my radar located those actions almost instantly) I found that there’s a perfect correlation between stress which could stem out due to intense pressure from assignment deadlines to not preparing well for Solids to having the Prof constantly catch you sleeping AND (I was about to write strain! Phew..) nose digging activity. Among 50 students that I so clandestinely performed the experiment on, there was a rise of 20 percent activity on nose shoveling during the midterms which is quite significant.  Nature should have a look at this.

This video promptly cements that stress is a factor. You can simply chose to ignore the link below because i need to puke every time i watch this. You have been warned.

Need i say more?

Blackmail: Now this is something way different. *Name censored due to possible blog shutdown* has been using this very annoying skill to make me bend ways and follow *Name censored due to possible blog shutdown*’s orders. It’s a pretty cruel way to convince me to do shit but works “every time” as *Name censored due to possible blog shutdown* likes to put it. I can’t deny. Reminds me of evil cartoon characters.

Anyways that’s it for this post. I will have a very serious blog pending, something that requires all of our effort, something that’s good for the children back home. I will touch on that once I have gathered sufficient information. I am a bit confused myself. 


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