Hey Spider! Kiss my brown...asparagus.

The AC got all moody and decided not to work today so basically we are sleeping in the middle of Sahara dessert. The stupid remote shows that it’s ON , shows a sweet 18 degrees but the main headquarters refuses to comply. Our in-house electrical engineer *Ahhmm* halal has absolutely no clue what’s wrong with his “product”. Thank whoevers up there that they decided to make it rain. Atleast its semi-sahara now.

So it seems that the Amazing spiderman is not amazing at all. And if you think the 3D adds the dimension its supposed to, you will be disappointed. The glasses were totally useless at the very beginning due to some negligence from the theatre but they weren’t that useful later anyways. Except for “WOOO!” for some rare cases, a dimension lower would have been perfectly fine. Add the story line into the mix and your tickets starts bleeding. Ok, the movie wasn’t that bad, Emma Stone looks hot as ever, the exaggerated kissing wasn’t that bad too although the romance sucked big time. There were moments were I laughed really loud (people regret going to theatres with me) while the whole audience stayed silent (do they sleep there?) especially when our friendly spider ass missed his shot completely and went into a free fall. The worst part was that the shit factor didn’t leave us even after the movie was done. We got so frustrated waiting for the elevator that we took on the difficult task of going down 10 floors only to find out that the exit was locked. W.T.fkadjflakjfalksjf! What if there was an emergency? What if there was a sudden Polar Bear attack from a nearby zoo? Where would we run? crazy. Eventually, we had to get our fat ass all the way up, wait for the elevator and come down.

We did however come up with titles that would want to make the next spidy director think deep. This time it was Amazing. Next it’s gonna be “the Excellento Spiderman” then “ the Superbo Spiderman”, “Ass kicker/licker Spiderman” then “C+ Spiderman” then “Engineering Mathematics Spiderman”..ok this is not getting funny anymore. If you ask me about the film, I say you ought to get 3 liters of draft beer instead.

However, I did meet a very old friend of mine. She is leaving for Banglore next week so will be meeting again to discuss how to not get food poisoned there. And of course, how to avoid getting kidnapped. Yes, she is going ALONE. Kidding, she will have a good time…..volunteering.

 My eyes are killing me..so I just might end the blog here. I wanted the stupid web to be cleaned up from my already overheated, Korean language abused brain so I just thought writing it down would help me sleep better. I will be back tomorrow, after some “skyping” with the closest people I have and a much awaited free jam session with my very talented peers.


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