Everyday I'm Proffling!

Epic meal

Excuse me, but I had this epic sandwich today which is hindering my ability to think straight as I often have to keep finding out the washroom is packed like hell. It looks like I am not the only one who had heavy duty lunch.

Today’s blog post will touch on stupidity, like what I am doing right at this very moment as we talk. Instead of working on my aerodynamics project which needs urgent MATlab attention (which I need to learn first), I am here talking to you….Why you think it’s not stupid? Thank you.

I will give you a minute or two to think about the most stupid thing you have done. It is not that everyone had a splendid, amazing time throughout their lives. We ALL had our moments where our brain, our common sense, our will to act normal went on a cocktail drinking party in Hawaii. It is just that some people’s brain have higher air miles, some have few.

Of course, this goes without saying that I too, have had a fair share of stupid bakery pie. Many people who have known me enough will have stories about me being completely and utterly absent minded, doing stuff that normal people will call abnormal, but I think this trend basically runs on my family. So it’s ok. When your family is absent minded as mine, you feel normal. Let’s not get into too much detailed stuff, the blog will never end.

But there was this time, not too long into the past, that I was walking inside this subway station. I was walking like everyone else. Everything looked fine. I noticed people looking at me. That was fine too. A brown guy among Koreans might be..mm..how do I put this, interesting. But when the whole mass looks at you, you go “wait a minute, is it because I shaved today?” Well that’s an optimistic thought. The pessimist would say…”hmmm, is my zipper open again?”

I wish it was.

Wifi? no thanks
Because it so happens, when I was about to enter the subway( I mean the actual train), something blocked my way. I looked up to see an open umbrella. An umbrella which was open throughout my way down the stairs, into that thing where you stick the transportation card, more stairs and finally, the waiting place. I would have laughed so hard if somebody else did that, but unfortunately, it was me that day.  I mean, it was raining outside for sure but how my right hand got into auto pilot mode, is still, after much thought, beyond me.

Well it’s not that I am the only one, my professors are pretty fantastic as well. In their own way. ( I am not listening to the age counter argument, no)

Prof Forgetful.
Our Micro Nano Mechanics class is one class that prof makes sure that nobody, NOBODY sleeps.  I think the fact that we are only 6 makes it much more easier to spot anyone dozing off but still he has this innate ability to keep asking questions, even if they have the most obvious of answers but then you get confused because if it was so obvious, why would he ask it anyways.

Questions will be like, “Why is the cell structure here shown rectangular?”, then adds, “Abass?”
“mmm prof, mm…” thinks, “ its in..a..rectangular structure?”
“that’s right”
I know.

The funny thing is…..that was not the first time he asked it.

I mean no disrespect, don’t get me wrong, he is one of the leading Prof in his field, published a whole lotta paper shit that we have to go through (most make no sense), makes us prepare well for presentations but then you have moments where you go, come on. Like the one where you open the window when arsenal lets in a stupid goal in the last minute and you go “Commmeee onnn!” with a big sigh.  The one when you just miss the last subway and you shout “coommee onn”, yeah that one.

Last week the class started out like this:
Prof: “So what was the homework again?”…”Abass?”
Me: “mm..page 41-51 professor”
Prof: “Has everyone read it? Ok..so what else?”…”Abass”
Me: “Prof, you asked me to remind you to ask me about the difference between Physisorption and Chemisorption.”
Prof: “So?”

I open my mouth to answer.


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