The Samba Influx (is no bad thing)

If you are one of the students studying in SNU, you will notice that there’s this massive influx of Brazilian exchange students in the school. Not that I have anything against them or anything, they seem to be perfectly amicable human beings but I heard a friend of mine complain about how he felt that he was in some country in South America after taking a class that was basically engulfed by our friends from the Latin side of the world.

That’s something you don’t usually hear too often. Either you are the only brown Indian looking chap in the class or you have a couple of amigos from totally random countries (Iran, Morocco, Peru) giving you company and that’s about it. I am not sure whether it’s the impending pre-mature World Cup fever that’s taking a toll on our school, or it just so happened that a lot of people from the same country ended up in the same place at the same time (insert your useless string theory joke here) but it’s nice to have more foreigners in the class for a change.

It’s also nice to have people who don’t seem to care much about assignments either. It gives you that breather when you are late as well.

As most classes had some measure of samba presence, my Jet Propulsion class was no exception. We were assigned a rather small assignment to do, and with over a week given, it was a possibly the easiest hw because it involved

a)reading and
Couldn’t have asked for more.

As it was my final year, I had to go over to the Prof and talk to him about my undergraduate thesis paper. While I was doing so, I could see that there was this guy waiting for me to finish up my crap so that he could feed some of his crap to the Prof. Because our discussion took longer, the Prof decided it was best for our fellow friend to speak.

Prof: “So what can I do for you?”
Our Samba Guy: “I did not submit my assignment.”
Prof: “May I ask why?”
OSG:” know..the weather..I was …..lazy.”

I nearly choked. He really had massive, gigantic balls, i have to say, in the most non-gay fashion. The Prof. was surprised as well.

Prof: “It wasn’t a difficult assignment. Can you submit it by today?”
OSG: “nope.”

When your student wears a flashy T-shirt that says “I have balls," you don't have much choice but to let him wear it.

Prof: “Well, in that case then, tomorrow?”
OSG: “Oh sure”

That should, effectively, end all discussions as to who my adviser Prof. should be.  You hardly find such tolerant Prof. around.


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