Building Nepal: Where should our focus be?

I was awake most part of the night yesterday, not because I was thinking about the prospect of a brighter Nepal, but because my roommate was producing a sound that was a mix of simmering fart, scratching balloons and quacking ducks in his sleep.  DJ roomie in the house guys! Letsss parrrtyyy.
No.lets not.

But while I was unable to get some rest with those periodic alienated sounds, my thoughts kept going back to something a friend of mine posted up on fb.

"Sudden realization: if greater and better Nepal means making fun of
whatsoever party and not paying the slightest attention
to the 8 year old kid who lost his hand; I’m sorry, but I’m out of this."

I still don’t understand why people make bombs and put it on the roadside. Ludicrous. Or make bombs in the first place. There’s absolutely no logic in doing so.

I later asked her, if she still sees her future in Nepal.  I got an emphatic YES. She said, “even more so.” Nobel, yes, but hard, beaten up reality is that Nepal is a failed state. The recent election has brought out a glimmer of hope that things might change, but it’s Nepal we are talking about.  People don’t seem to get the gravity of the situation.

The hard reality is, youths like us, can do nothing about it right now. Yes, nothing.  Even though we can argue and waste our time, nothing is going to change for a while. At least for a while.

We often regret ourselves by not doing the right thing at the right time. Assignments?? pufffff, waking up in the morning for college Korean?? Ridiculous.  And then when the GPA’s takes a bite off your ass you go “oh yeahhhh, I should have.” Well, drawing similar parallels, it is absolutely not the right time for us to talk politics or development of our country and so on. It’s good to have the vision, but it’s way too early to talk or act.
It’s just a personal opinion.

The question we should be more worried about is, when the time finally does arrive, how do we start? Where do we start? Kasari?

Whynepal had [this] article posted about how Nepalese are brilliant individually but collectively they suck. There’s no arguing about it. He also had a [link] to a youtube video posted up about “Why we Nepalis have to unite for our better future.”

Unfortunately, there’s not much answer we can get from there. I vaguely remember Mr.Chitrakar speak something about responsibility and cooperation but those are the stuff we went through over and over and over in middle school, high school and then at home.

However, the fact that it’s repeated again and again shows that those aspects are needed when we all have to wear red Rupa boxers outside our pants and become supermen/superwomen to save Nepal. For that I think these two aspects play a key role in how we prepare for such a day.

talk to people, move around the class, say hello, say hi, say whats up, help people, get help from people, make people do your Korean assignments, do others assignments, talk a network. This is the chance. We are all young, exciting prospects of the future and networking will play a key role. When the time is ripe, we will know whom to call.

Focusing on what we do best:
I suck at most of the things in life. I am absent minded, I am late, lazy, disorganized, disoriented, lost, annoying, the list never ends. Thankfully, I have certain qualities that are hard to find in other people. All I need to do is now is to build on that and everything will come in order.

Same goes with interest. There’s so much shit we can do in this world that it’s just mindbogglilicious. Everybody wants to do everything, or so it seems. It’s my final year now, and finally..finally I have found something I keep getting interested in. It’s not beer, it’s not writing, it’s not music, it’s not football. It’s something to do with my major and that is what’s propelling me forward to work more. Devote more time. Renew my interest every now and then. 

I think with these two things we can really get ourselves warmed up. 

And then when we are finally called upon the grand stage to perform the 9th symphony, we can be sure there's no sunday morning love you background tune coming out from our violins. 

hate that song. 


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