Gay Korea II: Defining Gay

Latest issue of Quill had gay issue covered
Remember how your grade II essays would start off with an empathic today, we are ALL happy and gay? Yes, that was before the word became an international sensation. Write it down now, and you are in deep shit my friend. I bet teachers these days don’t teach their kids to write down so.

Only last week, I had conversations with three different straight people who all seemed to have trouble wrapping around the concept that gay people exist. They all had different arguments about how such and such cannot be such and such. One counter argued that the sole institution of marriage was enough to refute any such claims. He said that the purpose of marriage is to continue the DNA stuff that we all have and that could only happen if the opposite sex intermingled. If suppose, a guy marries a guy, that could not happen and so forth, lead to a logical conclusion that gay marriage could not be possible. That meant gays could not exist.

He had a point but the fact about marriage is that it is just a legal and acceptable way of saying to the society that “we are having sex.” That meant that people who felt sexually attracted to each other could marry, lead a life together and if they wanted, rare a kid or two or millions without society interfering. That’s the general rule, and we have all come to terms with that. In our society back home, the concept is even simple. Opposite sex marry meaning only opposite sex feel sexually attracted to each other.

I thought so too.
Turns out, it’s a little complicated than that. Back in high school when one of them came out, I was shocked. Shocked as hell I tell you.

Wait..what? sexually attracted to men? That can’t be man. 

My research showed otherwise. Thankfully, it did not involve gay porn, so you don’t have to worry about that.

The definition is quite simple then. People who are sexually attracted to the same sex is gay. This might seem trivial to those people who already have had to swallow the hard pill but for those still chocking, it might be a little too much to handle.
And understandably so.

For all our lives, from the moment we stepped out into the open world, we have seen opposite sex being attracted to one another. Whether its movies, our family, our friends, whoever. That was perfectly normal for us. And then suddenly to find out that there’s mirch masala twist in the “perfectly normal” world that we perceived, is understandably hard to take.

Just to make it clear on my stance btw. I am not here to advocate or dismiss.
Got a test to worry about now. Until next time. 


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