[Kathmandude's Midweek] Silence Fest V, 2014-Day II

Sikth taking center stage a little too literally
[Credits: Dipen Photography]
[Blogger Kathmandude was at the Silence Fest V this week to check out what was in store in the two day event. You can check out his first day's review [HERE]. Photos used without prior permission]


The fat, old sun was still bantering Kathmandu with whatever prowess it had in its arsenal but metalheads of Kathmandu are a raucous horde to be deterred from such an anticipation like the one Silence Festival brings forth. It’s always a sublime sight, metal concerts here in Nepal. Everyone minding their own wilderness, gratified through meditative pits, ardently raised high horns, vulgar cursing and indulgence in profane acts so much so that even Mikee Goodman tried to persuade the brutal mass to mosh  ‘in a peaceful way’.

The show commenced in the afternoon with Kathmandu based band, Breach Not Broken, a post hardcore metal band. Just the band to open the act with their intense vocals and impeccable drumming technique. Everyone loves a good guitar solo and with their sporadic leads to impress the crowd, they were well acknowledged. Well, that’s a simple enough reason to have won them this year's 10th ICMC and Dean Battle of Band (2014).

Following up this impressive commencement was the Sikkim based, DamagEra. They were a Thrash/Groove metal band playing for first time on Silence. The crowd bellowed and banged their heads on their thrash tracks. Their incessant drum rolls and abrasive riffs were empathically manoeuvred. They did have that Heavy-metal element to them which encouraged the black haired doppelgangers to bang their hearts out in such scorching heat.

[Credits: Suraj Photography]

The third band was none other than Kalodin. Of course, no introduction needed. The eccentric and diverse group delivered what was expected of them. Mayhem! Adorned in their fat rudrakshayas, grim reaper hoods, ghastly make-ups and iron wrought for Trishul as a mike-stand made it worth the wait after a hiatus. The all-black dressed, powdered men ascended the pulpit, performed their blood-curdling tracks and awed metalheads with their music as always. They are always a great band to hear live. Having their origins in Black and Symphonic metal, an inkling of Atmospheric metal has always been essential to their music. Also, the Sanskitization of their broad spectrum adds to the enigma that has been Kalodin.

Fourth band of the day was the brand new favourite among Rap/Nu/Funk Metal enthusiasts. Tumbleweed Inc. led by the former axe-man of The Axe Band, legendary Sharad Shrestha, their funky, rock riffs and Rap Core vocals entertained the welcoming crowd. They certainly supplemented to the smorgasbord of an event this year with their paradoxical tribute to President Ram Baran Yadav and Mama ko Chiya Pasal of Basantapur. The crowd also sang along to their popular, Geda. No wonder they have been complimented as Nepali RATM.

[Credits: Dipen Photography]

The fifth band was Underside. One doesn’t simply extol them without spilling some superlatives.  Earlier in the year they were the opening act for Motörhead. With their new song, Underside began their performance to quench the bloody thirst of all metalheads churning for more action. By the time they ended with All Notes Off, there was a pandemonium in the venue. Mid way through the concert, a freak artist was dangling, high in the air, hooked on his topless back. The mosh went viral, horns were ever raised and pits were laden with fallen angels. 

The sixth band of the day was a French musician Rémi Gallego as The Algorithm. The electronic band went high voltage on audience and he was also well acknowledged for his performance. The Algorithm was one of the two headliners at Silence and it was fitting that it was placed before the Sikth performance as it warmed up the crowd from what was to come. Underlying its core on electronic along with the oscillation between progressive metal and mathcore and Gallego’s never-ending energy on stage made it worth the wait as the chip-tunes flamed up the audiences. 

Sikth on stage

The headliner of Silence Festival-V was next; Sikth. The anticipation was high, the horns were once again raised, fists saluted one of  the pioneers of Djent and when they started, the mosh went wild on both sides of the high grating. There was a frenzy on the floor. Better not get into details. What can one expect, it was the mighty Sikth. Back in August they had regrouped after a seven year hiatus and here they were in Kathmandu! They put in a show that will last for a long time in the memory of all metalheads here. ‘Bland Street Bloom’, ‘Flogging The Horse’, ‘’Part of Friction’ were the highlight of their incredible performance. They had apparently finished the show with Skies Of The Millennium Night, until everyone voiced almost unanimously and passionately, ‘One last song, One last song, One last song’ with their hearts in fists. The place went to pieces when they came back for a ‘one last song’.  

The last band of this ominous night was Mahadev Cometo (El Cometo) from Switzerland. With a sitar player, a drummer and  analogic projection, it was a psychedelic ending to the motley crew that was Silence Festival-V.  

[October 18, 2014]


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