Merry Christmas!

It's funny isn't it, anything that has the title with porn with it gets a staggering amount of views because, you know,  people so happen to "stumble" upon it.  As you would expect, last week's post on MoMo: porn had a healthy amount of clicks. 

Anyways, it's christmas day and all of you folks who still think santa is real, Merry Christmas. My parents loved to play santa when I was back in das Vaterland and the memory is still very fresh with all the chocolates and more chocolates and all those red socks filled with chocolates. 


The cynical in me says these all festivals are fake and that they only exist to feed the torn down chocolate economy, but there you go. Can't blame myself, I live in a country where they have Peppero day, the only day people seem be actually interested in buying that long stick like chocolaty stuff. 

whichhh i kinda have grown into liking over the years. 

I will just leave that for today with some useless viking knowledge:


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