Things that didn't change in 2014

To be brutally honest, I am really not happy that 2015 is here. Well, yes, in some sense the new year brings rejuvenated hope and renewed sense of commitment towards whatever you are up to but I feel no shame in saying this year is going to be tougher than ever. I remember my pops telling me how everything is going to be better as you grow up but what you realize is just the opposite. You can’t really afford to be lazy can you? You can’t spend time lazying around looking blankly at the ceiling as you like the countless, effortless times you have done before.  

But today is not the day to discuss such insecurities some of us might have secretly harbored inside. Instead I am going to let you enjoy some of the stuff that stuck with me throughout the year without changing, clinging to me as a chewed sprout would on my wavy hair.  

1. The one push up a day regime. You should try it too. Takes great determination. 

2. My skin tone. Its here to stay and no matter what the racist in me wants to be fairer, I will be forever tall, dark and handsome. Although... some might disagree with the last one.

Alright, alright..most. happy?

3. Still can’t be in a proper relationship. 

4. Alcoholism; probably the one thing that will not change until I kiss goodbye to kimchi land

5. Korean weather; as unpredictable and as annoying as ever.

6. Arsenal; as unpredictable and as annoying as ever. Won a trophy but since then has gone on to do the most arsenal-like thing of spitting on one’s own face. 

I don’t even know if that’s possible

7. Waking up on time: Let’s be practical here, I don’t think I can ever wake up on time. It’s an hour worth of mental battle with the alarm, scratching and tearing of the bed cover and consistent moaning and self-encouragement just to raise my head above the pillow. Although, I have to say, my sofa bed has helped and it’s only because it won’t let me sleep.

Which brings us to…

8. My sofa bed: I have regretted buying that god forsaken bed ever since lay my ass on it for the first time and I don’t think I am selling it off too. I don’t want people cursing me as they try to get some sleep. Stupid gmarket. I mean…why would you even name it a sofa bed if you can’t even sleep on it?

9. Losing phones; As 2013, 2014 had an equal number of phones that decided to disappear. I wouldn’t necessarily say that they are lost. They are somewhere on this planet and just that I haven’t been able to use them. 
It’s called positive thinking

10. My Korean: Has improved but nowhere near people who have resided over 4.5 years here. Although, Yun still keeps the record for not learning the native language having stayed in the same place for 18 years. 

Next stop, it’s the things that did change. 
Happy new year guys, and thanks for keeping up with my shit throughout the year. 


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