Holy Shit it's March! (already)

Am I the only one who feels like I just sat down to have a cup of self-brewed coffee to cure a mildly prevalent new years eve hangover only to realize its March already?  It feels like months have turned into weeks, weeks have turned into days and days into hours and well hours..who counts that?

The month march, as I might point out, represents a lot of things for a lot of people. For most of us here in Korea, it represents a time when the semester, named after a season that has yet to be acknowledged, begins. It is perhaps very difficult to swallow the fact that its windy and its damn as hell cold outside and everyone, including the professors, have spring on their mind. The fact that the car handle was completely frozen last night tells you how just spring-y it really is around here.

Not to mention the sudden influx of undergrads and freshman graduate students. One can only imagine the chaos inside the poor shuttle desperately trying to take people around the campus on time. It does finally look like everyone's back minding their business at school.

Well, March will also be a time when I will have to give up blogging duties for the apparent shit storm of work that lies in front of me completely undone and untouched.

Or so I thought. got to go and try not to sleep in the class. 


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