A Thank You Note to these Organizations for Relief Effort in Nepal

The mountains are calling..but we can't go.
News from the ground is that the aftershocks still haven’t yet resided although Nepal did go without it for a full day. The funny thing was that people were now starting to get anxious if the ground didn’t shake.

“kina hallena bhuyi?”  (Why hasn’t the earth shaken?)

“Hallena Baa…thulai auna lagyo ki ke?” (Didn’t shake, is a bigger earthquake pending?)

But for most people back in the capital, things have sort of normalized. Those who have sufficiently recovered from the twin quake have gone on to lengths to help out people even building shelters and taking food supplies to the remotest of places. It is quite amazing if you think about it.

I guess, the blog gives me a perfect platform to take a few minutes to mention few names and organizations who have been pushing really hard to make things happen on ground and bring change to lives of unfortunate people.

Here’s the list:

Society of Ex-Budhanilkantha Students (SEBS), fantastic, fantastic work everyone. It just goes on to show that our community is as strong as it was back when we were in school. Kudos.

Society of Nepalese Students in Korea (SONSIK), for genuinely making an effort to raise money and send to ground zero as quickly as one would have possibly liked to.

Kathmandu University (KU), for all the hard work on the ground, training students and locals alike to build shelters for others and for themselves respectively.

Together with Gorkha, (Binaya Bogati, Saurav Thapa) have gone on lengths to provide immediate relief to the most affected regions. Excellent work guys.

Kurilo and Riju dai, Super work dai. You used all your networking to get help for people that were in dire need of it.

Prayas Nepal, Krishna Devi Maskey Trust for organizing community food distribution center in Maharajgunj area and also helping out build structures that help protect the needy.

Raj Kale, as always, for standing up and working hard to bring people together in NY to fund relief efforts in Nepal.

Needa Di and Bhenaju, for tirelessly working day and night round the clock. I am sure you guys must be exhausted by now. You made us all very very proud!

Of course, there are many many more genuine people who have helped to uplift the lives of hundreds of thousands of victims but these were some organizations that I followed closely or was in direct contact with.

For people who feel everyday that the mountains are calling but really can’t go, we would all like to give you guys a big hug and a big thank you!

Jai Nepal!


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