Weekend Road Trip: East Coast

I am here because I really don’t intend to finish the wayyy overdue assignment that I have been given. I just don’t get it you know, classes teach you nothing and they expect you to do crazy work at the end of the semester just to tell you “hey, you worked hard in meh class yeh?”

I am probably going to ctrl+C, ctrl+Y a couple of master’s degree thesis, blend them up, put them on a shaker, shake them and place them on a cocktail glass with a shiny cocktail decorative umbrella on top. 

I like what I study but every time I take a class at this institution, it just drains the life out of me.

Moving on to lesser stressful news, I got to head out and see Korea (yeah finally, after all these years here of not being able to speak the language and embrace the culture) and what better way to do it than going on a road trip with your pals eh? Headed out late on Saturday night, with hyunmin in charge of all the driving, and booking the car, and getting the chairs, and finding the places…yeah, I just realized he basically planned everything up. Even picked me up from school after a late show at the office.

Anyways, after almost two to three hours drive we reached a place called Yang Yang as it greeted us with a huge dick like looking mushroom. Like everything that looks like a dick in korea, apparently those mushrooms are good for your stamina as well.

Stamina? I ask
Yeah stamina, people reply. You know..
No I don’t, I reply
You know stamina for men.
No I don’t.
Come on, good in bed? This reply usually comes with a cheeky smile. 
I have had girls say stamina a lot too. Oh well.

But we weren’t here for the shrooms anyways. Headed out straight to a local fish/restaurant market where you choose a live fish, look at how brutally they are killed alive and then eat the freshly cut sushi like food with tons of fish broth and home brewed beer goodies courtesy of our in house Swede. After that it was time for the beach. Way after midnight that is.

There’s something about the beach for me. Maybe it’s because there are close to a grand total of zero in Nepal that is so seductive about beaches and sea. You just sit down, do nothing, listen to your pals chatter and sometimes join the conversation too. But mostly just sit down. Yeah, very peaceful and serene. I can just close down my eyes right now and be there at sitting down or peeing on the open sea, drinking a glassful of some very very good brews and stare out into the dark, dark sea. 

What a beauty.

Back at the golf resort, we had our further moments of drunkness, played around with the automated toilet seat, showed our new French some buttons that sprayed water up to the arse (which of course hilariously started spraying everywhere including my unfortunate face) and after a few hours of further stupidity and drunkness, I passed out on the sofa leaving out a completely big sized bed untouched until the morning wee hours when I finally did decide it was time for bed.

When it was time to leave though, my hangover pain had only just begun to creep in. And it was time to head out for the mountains.

But before we actually started on foot, we decided the car should do some mountain climbing too. Apparently there’s this really famous place where you see the rocky portion but all we got to see was a total whitewash of mist. Nothing to see there.

Headed down, got the famous chicken and moved straight to the Seoraksan National Park. By the time we had hiking up, it was already 3pm. Our strategy for the climb was actually quite simple; get to the top and get on a cable car on the way down. Pretty plain, get to climb and get on the cable car thing. The clouds were gathering but we decided to head out anyways.

After hiking about three hours, we faced the daunting task of having to hike on a bloody rain and on slippery stones. After being drenched in a mixture of sweat and freshly poured water courtesy of mother nature, we came across a wooden isolated house and decided to crash in for a while.

The owner was friendly and made small talk. Just in that moment Hyunmin went about asking the Ajashi when the cable car stopped?

The owner looked at him with a wtf look and asked back, “what cable car?”

Apparently, there were no cable cars on the route we were embarking on.

We decided it was stupid to continue the climb so came back down. Took about an hour but had it not been the rain, we would have got our asses stuck on that mountain. Then it was only a small matter of eating crabs, losing keys and heading back home with a headache that never said goodbye.


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