Let's SHISHA! Audiocast Ep.1: Nepal's Earthquake

Let's face it. The april earthquake was tough on all of us. Not just "we" Nepalese, but for the people who had somehow links with this small isolated backward country of ours. The flood of emails, kakaotalk messages and calls I received immediately after the spread of the news was overwhelming to say the least. 

It affected everybody. Everybody.

This audiocast, one of series of podcasts we recorded over a period of a month, talks about the immediate (a week or so) aftermath of the disaster and how Nepalese have had to come to terms with what was happening. Not just people living inside the country itself but people living outside as well. 

I am joined by our in house Swede, Albin and "Brorean" (British Korean) Veda to co-host madeinepal's first ever audiocast, Let's Shisha, to talk about burnt chicken curries, relief efforts, mayonnaise gifts, earthquake stories and some tit bits here and there. Apologies for apparent laziness to not bother doing any post processing on the sound quality.

I am a graduate student and I have work besides blogging too. 

Recorded by iphone. You can also directly download the audio through the link on the right hand side.


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