Christmas Gig Letter: Thanks for the Support!

First gig@Salon Nomad
Photo Credits: Haera

We are all very pleased that the feedback from last weekend's christmas gig was largely positive. The important thing was that we had to perform well and we are confident that we didn't let anyone down.

The fact that we nearly canceled our show makes it even more edgier. We were concerned about Soren's health (vocalist, guitarist) as he was sick in morning rehearsal practice that day but somehow he managed to get through all the grueling singing and guitaring he had to do. Cheers to him for grinding through the pain and performing very very well indeed.

One of the other major issue we faced before the gig was that one of the other bands who was supposed to perform bailed out in the last minute so we had to shift the timing to 9:30 instead of 8:30. Since my phone was dead, I couldn't notify everyone regarding the timing of the show and for people who showed up on time, they had to wait at least for an hour before the show actually began.

Apologies for that, since this was our first show, we couldn't do anything about it. The organizers had the upper hand.

Now that we have performed and now that we have shown what we can do, we are in a position to look for better venues and gigs and most certainly have a say on the ticket price as well. For such a short show, the price point was above than what it should have been. Just to let you know, we had no control over the price or the venue or even the timing. That was a compromise, a compromise that most of you had to pay for.

In the end, what mattered was how much you enjoyed being there watching us and the audience did seem to enjoyed it as much as we did performing.

Thanks again. We have some offers on the table now, and we will make sure to choose a better venue next time.

Hallow Hollow.


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