Launching KU CanSat Initiative: Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka on "What is CanSat?"

As promised, I am launching the Kathmandu University CanSat Initiative today as part of a small pilot project to instigate CanSat development in Nepal. As my coursework has still not ended, I have to resort to resources already online at the moment to help kickstart the campaign. 

The first two lecture videos are part of CLTP (CanSat Leadership Training Program) lectured by Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka of University of Tokyo. He's the leading professor in both the field CanSat and CubeSat development in Japan. I actually got to meet him here at Seoul National University while he was guest lecturing during SNU-UT exchange program and while he was visiting our CubeSat Center.

I should warn you though, that the lecture get's incredibly boring at times, but given that the materials are interesting, it's worth sitting down and having a feel of what CanSat's are.

[HERE]'s the first lecture (Direct link is only available as the video is not searchable)
[HERE]'s the second part of the same lecture

The pdf of the lecture material is [HERE]

I am not sure if this is completely legal to share information given to us taking the online CanSat Leadership Program but since their main motive is to educate students about CanSat, sharing the information they have provided online shouldn't be a problem. 


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