Korean Independence Day Beer Galore: Japan, Korea,Belgium, Netherlands, South Africa & US

Happy Independence Day Korea!
It's a national holiday here in South Korea. Korean's are celebrating the independence from Japanese imperialism that chocked them from 1909 (if i got my rusty korean history correct) until that time when US dropped those crazy twin bombs on Japanese soil. I won't add much to what happened during that time, but Koreans still carry that grudge against their not-so-friendly neighbors. Suffice to say, the era has been blatantly painted with controversies from the on going comfort women issues to, well...let's just not talk about it.

But what better way to celebrate the holiday than to pop open some champagne  beer eh? I am quite aware that my parents go over this blog and dissect each and every word, but hey, I am just keeping up with the Korean tradition of being an alcoholic.

I kid mom, dad. I am fine.

So let's get on with some pictures shall we?

Anderson Valley's IPA is sweet on the palate
Lingo, Seoul National University Station
Ballast Point's Victory at Sea is full of little surprises
Lingo, Seoul National University Station
La Trappe's Quadruple. The only trappist brewery in the Netherlands
Pub86, Seoul National University Station

Good old Cass
Nogari, Seoul National University Station

Independence Day Lineup
Claren's Brewery from South Africa
American Style Pale Ale
Claren's IPA
Japanese Yoho Brewing Company's For you & Me
Doesn't say what style but tastes like a pils. Grassy, lemony
Yoho Brewing's Wheat
Light, pretty light
Yona Yona Pale Ale
Probably their best beer
Aooni, their India Pale Ale
Aooni is a mythical ghost from Japan
Belgian Chimay Red
Rochefort 10. Needless to say, it's the beer
Victory at Sea bottle condition

Bonus: Food
 Nogari, Seoul National University Station
Chef Cho's Spicy Assortment Pizza

Chef Cho's Squid Ink Sea Food Pizza
Photos taken by Madeinepali using Canon 600D with standard lens. Feel free to do whatever.


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