Arsenal Finish Second, Foxes Keep It Steady

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On the elevator last night, as I was making my way back home, my google cards popped up to remind me Arsenal had scored in the opening 5 minutes. 

I thought to myself, what difference does it make? 2015-2016 has been a very difficult season for Arsenal and winning the final game of the season just seemed like a way for manager to place a smile  in front of the media to say "everything is fine." Everything with Arsenal is anything but fine. 

Surprisingly, Tottenham being a bag of shit they are, went one down and then two against a team that was already relegated. I had to turn on the TV. Funny enough, if Arsenal were to win their game and arch rivals Tottenham to lose, Arsenal would come second. The team was playing so bad for the past two months that this almost felt like a trophy to be clinched. Almost. 

Half time.
Arsenal still can't seal the game while Tottenham go into the second half with a bang, they score, and then Newcastle (Tottenham's game) gets a red card. It looks increasingly like Tottenham have the upper hand; one more goal and Arsenal need 1000 more goals to have a superior goal difference to take the second place. 

And then the incredible happened. Newcastle score again, with Tottenham down to 3-1. At the other north london end, the emirates erupts in joy and anxiousness. Anxious for their to seal the victory. Arsene Wenger looks like himself again, with a dejected frustrated look every time his players come close to scoring but they all decide to put the ball wayy over the top. He didn't have a plastic bottle in hand, but I assumed he would have eaten that bottle raw. 

Then the goal came. Ozil played a quick one-two, cut the ball from the left flank and Grioud was there to kick it home. Emirates erupted while at White Heart Lane, Newcastle went goals galore. After being complete anonymous practically the whole season, Giroud scored a hat-trick, only for Arteta to follow up again at the end of the game. 

Weird final day seeing Wilshire not getting injured, Giroud scoring a hat-trick and Arteta scoring with a measure of help from the goalie's ass. And Tottenham doing the incredible and losing to relegated side with 10 men. Losing real bad. Hahaha (sorry, couldn't help it).

This twitter post sums things nicely for the cock-on-the-ball boys:
Most goals scored since 1987. Fewest conceded since 1906. Fewest defeats since 1929. Highest finish since 1990. Still finish behind Arsenal-@GarethDParker
What a crazy season this has been. Leicester City beating a 5000-1 odd (they have better odds at finding aliens), ManU, ManCity, Chelsea all playing like shit and Arsenal coming second. Ten years from now, non of this will ever matter except for the fact that Leicester's story will be a big hollywood success by then.

Arsenal's trophy for the past few years feels like the scene in Meet the Fockers where Ben Stiller's dad shows all his trophies of coming 4th and 10th (s).

On a final note, Rosicky is leaving Arsenal after almost ten years of service. He's injury has had played a big part in his career but when he was out there and turning and twisting, you know he had the talent.

What an end to a crazy, crazy season. 


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