Inside Seoul's Facebook Office

Facebook needs no introduction. 

The company has redefined how we communicate, how we use social media and how fake news created by some teenagers in a dark corner of Europe can become real news by a few thousand likes and shares. And now with the company moving on to machine learning, building internet beaming drones and investing on the next generation of gaming technology, it's likely to become part of our daily lives for at least another decade. Unless, you know, it yahoo! or nokia (rather nuke-ia) itself. Which by the looks of the current status, doesn't look like happening anytime soon. 

Having only recently joined the workforce myself, I wanted -want would an understatement- I needed to see how top tech companies treated their employees. Samsung? I have had heard plenty of horror stories but what about google, naver or even...facebook?

Yes, facebook. I did get to take a sneak peak inside their Seoul office and here are some of the pics, documented just for you. 

Only for you.




Alright, let's get ahead and look through each of the two floors.

Top Floor:

Hello indeed
They have a kitchen with free food. FREE FOOD.
And wine. They had whisky too btw, if you are interested

barista on call
Electric guitars and keyboards. What is this place?

Game of PES?

Massage chairs. Are you f**king kidding me
Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift) playing games that I shouldn't be writing. NDA thing, you know.
(That's Fruit Ninja)
More free stuff. Dammit.

Meeting rooms

Each room has it's own name.
Meet me at Taekwondo in 5!

Bottom Floor:

The wall

Colorful, the tables totally move up and down btw
This office is complete nuts

Conference Room

You could ask that went something like
"Is it going to rain?" or "Is the plane delayed?"
Fun times, thanks to those really cool facebook employees flashing their badges and showing me around. Thanks for reminding us how shitty our offices look like. Thank you very much indeed.


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