NASA Announces TRAPPIST-1; Star Named After Trappist Beer Brewing Monks

Better just drink a trappist eh?
NASA announced that the TRAPPIST-1 based solar system that could possibly have an earth-like system in space. That wasn't the interesting part for me. It was the name. Did I hear that before?

As I read through an article, I realized that it was actually Les Belge that found the dwarf star back in 2015. And while my wall got flooded with people getting all excited about finding life in places we will never-ever reach with the tech we have, I was thinking..wait, why Trappist?

Turns out, it's an abbreviation of Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope (TRAPPIST), an autonomous telescope placed in Chile but operated by the Belgians. Funny enough, the name is actually intended to pay homage to Trappist religious order in Belgium; an order that perhaps brews the most interesting, complex and highly rated beers in the world- The Trappist Beer.

Yep, monks making beers.

Chimay is a mass produced trappist brand.
There's only 11 in the world and most lie in Belgium

One of worlds most sort after beer, the Westvleteren XII (Westy XII), which critically rates as one of the top beers consistently at Ratebeer and BeerAdvocate, is a Trappist beer. Because of its limited production and its understandable demand, the beer is extremely hard to get hold of, outside and inside Belgium. I have seen some stores sell them here in Korea but they can go up from anywhere between KRW 70,000 - KRW 90,000 which is just wayyy overpriced.

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I am putting my fingers crossed that these aliens are brewing super alien brews as well.  


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