[TEASER] Nepal CanSat Training II On September 2017

After last year's pilot cansat training at Kathmandu University [Read HERE], I have decided to do a second installment on this coming September. My philosophy and methodology of training remains the same except for the fact that there's going to be more data analysis involved this time around and less time talking about product development. No satellite testing sadly, although there will be a lecture on the topic. 

And yes, involvement of high schoolers. The SastoSat [Pixracer Hardware HERE] will be divided into SastoSat Uni (advanced and basic) for university students and SastoSat High for the kids. The former will be based on the STM32F4 processor running PX4 Firmware while the latter will make use of the Arduino IDE and is based on the ESP8266 SOC. The telemetry will use WIFI instead of radio to provide a basic outline of IoT while teaching CanSats. Every laptop has a WIFI receiver so that cuts down the cost nicely as well.

I will have a full detailed blog post on the training soon, The registration opens June 2017 and is open to students from all walks of life. I do get to say the final word though. The basic idea is to train university students and then make them train high school students under my supervision. That will help cement some of the key concepts that needs to be learnt. 

The training is completely free.

If you want more information sooner, here's my email address: editor@madeinepal.com


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