B/W Re-worked Vintage Stills of Budhanilkantha School by Mike Scholey (1979-1981)

Late Crown Prince Dipendra (Bottom third from left) holding a rifle near pestalozzi center in Budhanilkantha School.
Mr. Scholey writes "The irony cannot be lost here" while debating on ethics of teaching guns in school.
Mr. Mike Scholey, who was a teacher at Budhanilkantha School while late Crown Prince Dipendra was still a young student, has been posting (again) some delicious b/w images from 1979-1981. Since I had nothing better to do in the lab, I just thought I might retouch them using adobe lightroom and re-post them in a more presentable manner here. 

Check more of his pics [HERE].

And note, feel free to distribute, use and publish these photos but do give credits to Mr. Mike Scholey and not this website. I am just basically downloading them through fb, editing them a bit and then posting them up, so madeinepal.com isn't exactly the correct source (I meant you gundrukpost).

The front gate. Still looks the same.
Right after the main gate, Pale-Ghar to the left. Hawa-ghar blocked out.
Mr. Scholey's daughter Melissa with Mrs. Shrestha in front of accounts
Staff quarters opposite to Dhaulagiri house
Mr. Ball (was english teacher according to fb)
Mr. Govinda Sharma (source of info fb)
Young then crown prince Dipendra, taking notes in the class proabably
Queen Aishworya, backdrop looks like sports day

All image credits: Mike Scholey


  1. Mr ball looked like he came off straight from bed into the classroom every time.i don't think he tòok shower too often either.

    1. Mr.atiram KC, who was then our maths teacher and head of annanpurna house did the same

  2. Hello, does anyone know the whereabouts of Mr A J Wild? Can't seem to get any information on him anywhere


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